Tanya G… You may just recognise this Indian-Irish triple-threat singer/songwriter and dancer, who was brought up in Hackney, East London and entirely prepared to rock the music scene once again.

Formally a member of the girl group “Fe-Nix”. Tanya has already achieved a high level of success, after sharing the stage with artists to the likes of; JLS, Pussycat Dolls, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah and N-Dubz, playing over an amazing 30 shows with these incredible talents.

In her career she has also been heavily involved with Universal Records, both signed and her songs featured on several complications released by them. Tanya’s star credibility has only allowed her to continue creating both memories and achievements to be proud of.

Tanya G

Now it’s all about Tanya’s solo material and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on what we can only describe as art. Can’t Feel Your Love” is one of her latest and freshest hits to date. The track contains a mix of dance, a splash of deep house and soulful hint of garage. This OldSkool infused track is the first single off Tanya’s Debut Album, which will be dropping early 2016. The album will feature collaborations with producers such as DJ “STICKY”, which can only leave you in complete and utter anticipation as to how incredible the song will be when pulping through your earphones.

Be sure to check out Tanya’s track ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’ below:

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Hi I’m Belinda Webb, 16 years of age and very much into the whole world of music. Since I was young I’ve been very into my bands, particular individual artists and their gigs. As I’ve grown over the years, I’ve taken a deeper interest in the industry in relation to marketing, promotion and all PR related movements; pretty much all the behind the scenes. I’ve been lucky enough to go to such events which enabled me to get a better perspective of the industry, such a record launches, TV productions, etc. Which links very well into what I’m studying. As it goes, I am very much an individual who will set a goal and thrive towards it until it’s been accomplished. Additionally, being a very outgoing and sociable character.