fenix0396 copyGirl groups and pop music in the UK go hand in hand, but when it comes to the dance/urban scene there seems to be a shortage – something that should leave plenty of room for the crazy cool girl group Fe-Nix to rise. Made up of Jade, Ayshen, Tanya and Priceless, this sexy, sassy quartet are currently promoting their single Swagga and are dead set on world domination in the music industry.

‘We just came off a school tour,’ says singer Ayshen as she explains what the group are up to. ‘We’re doing clubs and we are also on a Sky One TV series called Pineapple, where we showcase how we came about our music video and how we auditioned the guys. We’re also one of the faces of Nelly’s clothing label Apple Bottom Jeans and there’s a whole lot more coming. We’re actually on the rise now. Look out for us!’

They even toured with chart-topping trio N-Dubz recently and it was rumoured in the tabloids that Jade and Dappy were becoming extremely close ‘You know, me and Dappy got on really well on the N-Dubz tour,’ says Jade. ‘We’re good friends and I’m not gonna comment no more! That’s all I got to say,’ she adds, with a cheeky smile on her face.

Getting back on the subject of the group, Jade cheerfully continues: ‘What sets us apart from other girl groups is that we write our own music and we’re friends. Plus, we don’t sugarcoat things in our music. We portray real life. We don’t make everything a fairy tale in this cold world. We come with something different, authentic and genuine!’

At the Flavour photo shoot the Fe-Nix ladies giggle together and even start a pillow fight, but as we go to print Flavour learned that the MC of the group, Priceless, has left the group to concentrate on her solo career. But as one door closes another opens, and it means the girls are now on the lookout for a new MC.

Do you have what it takes to become the new rapper of the group? If you’re interested send your MP3s and pictures to In the meantime, check out our Q&A with the girls and get to know the three remaining members.


Heritage: English-Arabic

Naughtiest thing you’ve done: The naughtiest thing I have ever done is probably one time when I was at school someone brought in a naughty apron with pictures of naughty bits on – and someone dared me to walk around the school wearing it. I got caught by my headmaster and he suspended me for two days.

The nicest thing you’ve done: I took my mum to a spa day. She’s a hairdresser and I like to look after her. I got her a body massage and brought her lots of gifts, and took her for a nice meal because she deserved it.

Biggest achievement: I’m proud of being signed to Universal and having my own single out. It’s been my dream from since I can remember and being in this position now I just feel so blessed.

Killer dance move: I’m a kick boxer – so I would do flying roundhouse kicks in a circle. I can do it all the way around without putting my foot down.

Definition of girl power: Be independent and dedicated and never let anyone say you can’t do anything. So many people told me I wasn’t gonna make it but I did, so live the dream and your passion.



Heritage: Indian-Irish

Naughtiest thing you’ve done: The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done is run up to a police officer, pulled his hat off him and put it on! I was on a mad one on a girl’s night out! I could have got arrested!

Nicest thing you’ve done: The nicest thing I’ve ever done was for my Mum on her birthday! I told her to go out and while she was gone I gave her a new bedroom makeover – new wardrobe, curtains, bed lining, new chest of drawers, everything. And when she came back she was over the moon.

Describe Fe-Nix: Fe-Nix are hard-working, independent girls from a working-class background who write their own music. We dance, we sing – it has been all our dreams since we were young.

Secret to looking good: I love getting dolled up but looking good every day compared to photo shoots are two different things. I’m not too into posing but I was trying [at the Flavour shoot]! I was trying to think ‘What would Tyra say in America’s Next Top Model?’



Heritage: Turkish-Cypriot

Naughtiest thing you’ve done:I’m not really a naughty person but if I had to say it would be smoking in the playground at school. That’s secondary school before you all start to think I was five years old and smoking. That was a long time ago. I don’t smoke now but you’ve got to try something out in life to know whether it’s for you or not.

Nicest thing you’ve done: There are many things, not just one. My friends and family say that I am a very giving, strong and independent person and they are the three things that I would like to push through my music, my character and to the people I love. I want to be a good role model.

Music moment: We write songs that young girls can relate to and they are all our life experiences. Somebody in the group has personally gone through what we’re singing about and to express that in our music and for kids to learn from that is a priceless thing.

What motto do you live by: Never give up. It’s a really clichéd saying, but it is really true. You can do anything in life – just be strong and work hard and keep going to reach your goal.

Photography by Daniel Thomas, styling by Loan Kim