Tiffany PageShe’s had crazy tattoos, travelled from Zimbabwe to LA and is right now loving every second of being on tour. Tiffany Page can write songs on just about everything, and from her lyrics to her style, Tiffany is every inch the glamorous rock chic.

So Tiffany, when did you start writing music?
I guess from when I was about 14 years old. I got my first guitar and just started developing my own taste in music, but ever since I was kid I used to mess around on the piano.

Your husky, emotive voice is so unique and has received praise left, right and centre. What does that feel like?
(Laughing) I’m so very flattered! I’d best go steam my face then to keep it that way!

What topics do you usually write lyrics about and why?
I was going through a lot last year, so I vented everything through my music and wrote about those experiences.

What can we expect from you in 2010?
(Lots of giggling) I love being on tour! Walk Away Slow is my new single and that’s coming out March 15th so I’m just excited for this year.

Who are your biggest influences?
I listen to so much music so I guess literally everything I listen to influences my mood of writing. But, when I heard grunge music for the first time that’s when I knew I wanted to be in a band and write music.

You lived in Zimbabwe for five years…any fond memories?
I have so many… enjoying the hot weather!

Describe yourself in two words.
Urmm… Music. Eat!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Tattoo superman onto my wrist.

How did you end up writing and recording in L.A?
My managers Marc and Nikki have friends out there who are in the music scene, so I went to LA and collaborated with them.

You’re a rock chic with a glamorous streak. Who’s your fashion icon?
(Laughing) I don’t really have one, but I’d say Debbie Harry was pretty cool.

What is the best thing about people knowing your name?
I’m not famous but it’s nice when a stranger says they appreciate my music.

What is the best compliment someone has ever paid you?
That they’re stalking me on twitter! I was flattered!

Walk Away single is out 15th March. To find out more information on Tiffany visit her website.

Words by Melissa Lewars