Inverted Walrus

Techno/EDM artist Inverted Walrus is set to release his latest 6 track EP titled Nomina on 30th November.

Nomina is a clever blend of Techno, EDM and Electronic tracks, making use of analogue and virtual synths along with other technical effects bringing original elements into his music. Each track has taken its own journey with some being written over three years ago and perfected to be part of this solo project.

Inverted Walrus is a totally DIY artist, writing, mixing and producing all of his own music, making this EP a real showcase of musical talent.

After playing the piano since the age of 11, he wanted to venture into a new world of sound. His later inspirations range from Elohim, Chaos Chaos, Deadmau5, No Mana, Rezz and Daft Punk, all huge names in the Electronic/Techno scene.

Inverted Walrus not only composes/produces music but is also looking to delve into the world of live performance and DJing. He makes use of on-the-fly effects and expression to add to the sound and make each performance unique.

His stamp onto radio was placed with one track on his first EP being played on BBC Radio Cornwall during their BBC Introducing show.

Inverted Walrus anticipates the release of his latest EP Nomina that will be available to all major digital platforms on 30th November. Listen to more of his music on Soundcloud.

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