‘Breathe Down’ introduces the world to the revelatory warmth, positivity and soaring vocal acrobatics that free spirit Kira Rizavi brings to R&B and Soul. Here, at last, is a Generation-Z Diana Ross or a flower-child Rihanna.

This year has given us plenty to worry about, but in ‘Breathe Down,’ it also gives us the prophetic wisdom of an unstoppable young singer-songwriter who has already performed at Madison Square Garden, The Metropolitan Opera and The Bitter End.

“It’s so important, especially in this year’s craziness, to take the time to breathe and focus on the people who you love and trust,” says Kira Rizavi. “I hope to bring comfort and love to people with this song.”

Kira Rizavi

Produced by Global Media Music’s Tony Coluccio, creator of over 20 Billboard Number One Dance Hit Remixes (including Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies” and Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt”), ‘Breathe Down’ is an anthem for our liminal world–an aural sunshower of youth, unpredictability, ride-or-die friendship and the ever-healing power of Sundays outdoors.

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Upstate videographer Peter Crosby shot the video for ‘Breathe Down’ at socially-distant Pepacton Reservoir, filling the Southern edge of Catskill Park with a joyous riot of colourful smoke. This unlikely celebration of life’s uncertainties lands like a much-needed rush of oxygen to the lungs, reminding us to push through by looking ahead.

Kira Rizavi’s debut single, ‘Breathe Down,’ was released in October 2020, with more music expected to follow soon.

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