Here to cheer up everybody’s year are ‘The Stencil Pencils’ with their second release, ‘It’s Christmas!’ In a strong effort to take over the UK Christmas No.1, they have created a destined chart-topper, and who doesn’t love Christmas music?

‘The Stencil Pencils’ are already becoming the heart of the nation, with an awe-inspiring feature in November’s ‘Your Autism Magazine’, TV appearances galore, and even having received Ed Sheeran’s Blue Peter Music Badge, this year has set them up for a real shot at the Christmas No.1. Recorded in association with producer Pete Hammond, this is an exciting track to get you in the mood for some family fun this holiday season. ‘It’s Christmas’ will have you leaping into 2021 so happy that you celebrated a Christmas break with an upbeat song from this upcoming band!

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From Milton Keynes, this project began as homework and quickly turned into jamming sessions in the living room. The rest is history, as they say! With a bright future ahead, there is no denying that the ‘UK’s Youngest Aspergers Band’ formed of Johnson aka ‘Bouba’ (12), Kale aka ‘Woo’ (10) and Indiana ‘Boo-lash’ (6) are the hardest working kids in the entertainment industry! Bringing live music to quarantine, the band performed for the first time ever in their street for their neighbours during VE day celebrations this year. Noticed by the local media, they went live on BBC Three Counties Radio’s breakfast show and are starting to gather a national following! Performing residencies at homes for the elderly, ‘The Stencil Pencils’ are gathering quite the fanbase, just in time for this epic Christmas release! Already having appeared on ITV’s ‘The Scrambled Show’ and easily winning the talent show, next year holds a lot of hope for this talented young band, featuring on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Voice Kids’ in February 2021, we can’t wait to see and hear more from ‘The Stencil Pencils’!

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