A collaboration with beatmaker Little Nuno, ‘My Intention’ is the brand new single to come from pop singer Kirk Ampofo.

Expressing his true desires for a girl he has been chasing for what feels like forever, Kirk Ampofo exposes all of his true feelings over this beat. Connecting with Little Nuno via online music forums and chats, ‘My Intention’ is an honest and emotional outpouring of feeling.

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A singer since childhood, Kirk Ampofo was inspired to take his music to the next level by Reggae artist Buman. He has since released two EPS and over 20 songs which are all available on all major streaming platforms.

Refusing to limit himself to any one genre, Kirk Ampofo masterfully blends the styles of Pop with Rap, R&B, Doo Wop, Reggae and Afro Beats to create his unique sound that he styles as ‘integrative pop’ music.