Lyricz showcases versatility in his upcoming EP titled ADDICTION. Inspired by love, motivation and life lessons, this EP is artistically genuine as it uncovers the realistic narratives of a journey through the life of Lyricz!

Influenced by his culture and lifestyle, Lyricz blesses us with a mid-tempo, eclectic, contemporary Afro-Pop EP which is all-powerful in catching our ear and making us bop! In his own words: ‘I hope my listeners take home with them, Love, Hope and Persistence.’ ‘No Bad Vibes’ is the very fitting title of a brand new music video on the way, fresh off the ADDICTION EP, now we are excited to witness greatness from Lyricz!

Release Date: 28th August – Listen here

Lyricz picked up the passion for making music as a teenager, performing during his school years and listening to artists such as Babyface, Ginuwine and Boyz 2 Men. This reflected onto his need to create music that cuts across all genres and passes a strong message. Growing up an avid poet, he adopted the name Lyricz after colleagues and friends started calling him ‘Lyrical’. Soon enough, he developed his effortless style and innovative songwriting ability, so we can now look forward to hearing some more ‘Lyricz’!