After working with names like Tinie Tempah and Wretch, A.M.SNiPER collaborates with another huge name from the music scene in the shape of Wiley.

Truth is A.M.SNiPER is a bit of a veteran in the music game having been part of the phenom that was So Solid Crew. Learning his stripes under the guidance of Mega Man A.M.SNiPER aka ‘The King Of Napa’ has gone on to be the driving force behind the lucrative music scene in Ayia Napa.

With his Ayia Napa projects going nicely Sniper is revelling in flexing his musical muscle. Bus Pass is the latest single from this entrepreneurial spirit. Dance vibes, catchy raps (delivered by Sniper and Wiley) bring a summer anthem that is already hurtling up the charts-let’s chat to A.M.SNiPER.

Ok first off give some background on being involved with So Solid Crew.

It was the gateway, the university and the ultimate graduation into the industry. Mega saw it as a personal mission to make sure I firstly understood both sides of the game the creative aspect and the business it was a blessing and he is defo my big brother in the music business. No matter how much people rate him he is still under-rated. I’m sure to this day half of the people in the So Solid Crew can’t comprehend what he had to go through whilst still supporting every member. Being part of the So Solid Crew is an honor.

You are known as the King of Ayia Napia explain your journey to this title?

Wow, that’s a one question documentary. We never started with anything royal, there’s a lot of elements of my life that I never took credit for due to the fact that I never understood the impact it had, I was able to bring UKG to Napa when I was like 12 in the form of Pure Silk, with people like Norris Da Boss and MC Creed. This was before SSC days and that’s when I started dj’g and fell in love with the UK sound but in short making the DJ popular and a star was part of what we did here in Napa, that lead me to getting the Delight Fm.

Let’s talk your own music.

I have always been doing my thing but not to the extent where I am getting the name into more households and getting trademarks and mad plays. For the record I am happy I have a built a machine and from this point onwards you will hear A.M. SNiPER for many years to come but this is all new to me.

Explain the title and the concept behind the video .

Quite self explanatory, we tried to make it as simple as possible! The 2 easy steps I wanted was; get the biggest plane in the world and get an English red bus shipped to Napa!  Obviously the private jet was of some use too! Basically when we laced the track and Wiley had his part, it was a feel good track, so we wanted summer, we wanted airport shots, and we wanted a bus. The director Sherif Francis killed me on the edit but he is very talented, pulled off the emotions of a live A.M. SNiPER show and the elements of the song. There was a lot of traveling involved in some shots but it all worked out great-now I might need a tank or something for next video. 


Working with Wiley (who is such a veteran) explain your connect with him and what it was like working with him?

Everyone seemed nervous when I told them I got a single with Wiley, they were like, ‘what, did you get paperwork done? ‘It was one of the smoothest collabos I have ever had. Everything was on point, delivery of music parts, video, paperwork, support, he is a very talented artist and someone who has always brought new sounds and artists to the game so what he did was special for me and for the scene. When I tell people we get each other they class me as crazy also… whatever… it is great working with him, he is family.

What’s next for you?

More shows, more records and the debut album this year, even though it is more of a pre-album it is a debut album! I look forward to putting it out. A single cannot describe an artist so that is why albums are not about fame, or status, they are firstly about understanding the artist and listening to a complete piece of work. I know a lot of acts want to put single after single in order to get signed or famous to put an album out, but I will drop the album so people can get to know me, and for my supporters to have a proper piece of work from me.



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