Mason Parker

‘Petey Pablo’ is the brand new single from ‘modern-day renaissance man’ Mason Parker.

This single was written as a way to capture the essence of coming into your own and elevating yourself to a higher level of living. The single is named after Hip Hop artist Petey Pablo as a way to pay homage to and give honour to the first rapper to truly rep the Carolinas. Having recently signed to One Crown Music Group, ‘Petey Pablo’ is the first single to come from this new partnership. This song will give you the confidence and boost you need to elevate yourself and achieve your goals.

Mason Parker is a lyricist, spoken word artist and writer whose work is deeply rooted in the southern sounds of hip hop. Every lyric, every word, every ebb and flow of his unique delivery is soulfully honest, rich with pain, victory, self-realization, and truth. His work is a narrative, addressing non-traditional topics like child abuse, mental health, trauma, parental loss, and even the joys and challenges of fatherhood.

Harnessing the power of his journey, Mason Parker masterfully weaves a story of hope, an almost spiritual awakening for the soul and a rally cry for this generation.

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