Mila J is an American singer-songwriter & dancer from Los Angeles, California who is making a huge wave overseas in the US right now. The singers latest release comes in the form of an EP titled “Made In L.A”. The title has a cool link to the songwriters identity with each first letter spelling out her first name – M I L A!

Mila J-1

Mila has been on the music scene for awhile now but is really starting to make a name for herself this year! The uper sexy songstress is definitely proving her place in the music business. Some of you may also know her as, Japollonia. Orginially when she first started out her stage name was Mila J, then in 2012 after a short break she returned to the scene as Japollonia. Now back and ready more than ever for success, she has reverted back to her original stage name Mila J.

Mila J-2

Earlier this year Mila hit the charts with her summer smash “Smoke, Drink, Break-up” and created a huge buzz for herself. The track had a mellow vibe to it with a heavy beat and soft but strong vocals. It’s a break up song with a dark and edgey twist to it. The message talks about a relationship that is heading, if not already reached, a bitter end. Its a constant repeat of drama following a circle of only being happy when drunk or high. When the high comes to an end and the laughter fades out, the break up begins. The remix dropped shortly after and it’s featuring popular rappers Kirko Bangz and Ty Dolla $ign.

The singers second release from the highly anticipated EP is “My Main” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. This joint is completely different to her first track and showcases a completely different message. This track is about girl power! Mila talks about her best friend (her main) and how she rocks with her through everything, from break ups to hitting the clubs to front row seats at The Grammys. The video had a slick Coyote Ugly vibe to it with Mila and her hot semi naked dancers taking their moves from the floor to the bar, just like the film.

The “Made In LA” EP is completed with a track that features B.O.B called “Champion”, the most recent video drop from Mila called “Times Like Theses” which is a slower more ballad type tune and “Pain In My Heart” that features Problem.

Mila J is right on point at the moment with her sexy old school, but current, 90’s style showing a very close resemblance to the late singer Aaliyah, in her fashion and her music. This talented singer-songwriter and dancer is going hard at the moment and is putting old school RnB back on the map! Grab the EP now, you wont be dissappointed!

Mila J-3

With obvious talent running through her vains, a famous sister who goes by the name Jhene Aiko and an even more famous rumoured boyfriend, Trey Songz, we are pretty sure you will be hearing Milas name alot more from now on!

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Words by Joe Waller
Twitter – @JoeWa113r