Miss Nozinatorr

‘Rich’ is the fire new single to come from Johannesburg rapper Miss Nozinatorr. Flexing her rapid flow on this new track, ‘Rich’ is the result of a powerful introduction to the fast-flowing hard lyrics of Miss Nozinatorr.

Founder of CTT Beats, Mark Insley was blown away by Miss Nozinatorr’s freestyles on social media and immediately reached out to her. ‘Rich’ was produced and mastered in Cape Town by CTT Beats and marks the start of an exciting future for the pair. Both newcomers to the Drill genre which originates in London, New York & Chicago but is fast spreading to the world, ‘Rich’ is Miss Nozinatorr’s first interpretation of the genre. Bringing out her huge personality in ‘Rich’, Miss Nozinatorr channels Nikki Minaj energy as she breaks her way into the male-dominated industry. The highly produced video reveals Miss Nozinatorr’s infectious energy and drive and sets ‘Rich’ up to be a heavy-hitting single for CTT Beats.

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CTT Beats is the artist name forĀ  Mark Insley who splits his time between the UK and Cape Town where he has established beat-making, production and songwriting skills as an arm of his “Cape Town Thing” company which is also involved in fashion, sport and travel. Musically he brings an in-depth knowledge of Grime and Drill music to the collaborations in conjunction with the team’s key producer Takuro Moyo aka ‘Beatsmith’. Cape Town Thing provides South African artists with the platform and resources to push their sound, fusing UK influenced sound with their unique African styles. Miss Nozinatorr was discovered by founder Mark Insley on Instagram and is being launched with her brand new single ‘Rich’ in which she brings out her full personality and style.