MOON is not your average musical act, and ‘1.5’ is not your average release. A new kind of star, MOON is the musical cat taking the internet by storm.

‘1.5’ announces the next stage in MOON’s development, who has evolved into a cosmic leader with a mission to change the world. This 12 track album features eerie sounds and spooky mixes to challenge all of your expectations. With 1.5 coming before 2, ‘1.5’ forms a fusion of the past and future, opening the door to the future whilst closing. the door to the past and completely ushering in a new era. Based in a soundscape that you’ve never heard before, MOON is sharing there vision for a brighter future ahead of us.

Release Date: 12th March – Listen Here

MOON was born a cat singer in 2017. Since then she has amassed an impressive following across social media, becoming a TikTok sensation with her 2nd birthday song ‘Happy Birthday To Me / Implications’.

Forget what you think you know about musical cats!