No matter at war or peace
when I feel to let my words release
Intellect is challenged from the west to the east
Trying to provide a venecular, so deep.
Stretching from the light coasts of Africa
down to London’s estates and streets
My words are winners
but I dont write to compete
So if only the stong survive then I write for the weak
I’m that lion down in Judah, that was sound asleep
but awoke when I heard Obama speak.

I don’t write for the praise, but I do like the applause
I write to enlighten, and fight for our cause.
Even to expose the the flaws in this goverments system
in USA information from 9/11, still missing?

So there’s more to Poetress than broken hearts and getting on stages
Allow me to free minds from the white supre“macist cages
I dont write for the limelight, I let my pen shine bright
In those dark clouds to see your mind right

Im in this circular garden, trying to center myself
Wanting to plant words in people as if they were seeds
want the truth to be the fertilizer to make you grow like trees
I dont even want to put beats to my words
each syallable of each word is important, and needs to be heard.
Wanna speak from my heart- let my poems play a part
I, very appricative of the literative art.

Poetry is my culture, we need to protect it
and if you value your enthnicity
then you need to respect it

My poems aren’t just about words that reflect death and strife
but using words to bring death to life
so, let us be our generations inspiration
Like Langston, Maya, and all the rest of those guys,
Im speaking to give direction to our children
So when you’re moved by words
POETRESS is in the building.

Copyright © Simone Byer, 2008

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