We already featured the absolute stunner which is Nadia Forde on our 10 reasons to follow Nadia Forde on Instagram and now we have managed to get a Q&A with our favourite I’m A Celebrity girl crush.

Nadia Forde recently starred as FHM’s cover girl in one of the lowest, sexiest plunge style skater dress we have ever seen. Nadia also shot a series of ‘Sexy Shorts’ videos for FHM which would bring any man or woman to their knees. When a woman can make videos like the one below, you simply have to stop and look. Oops let me get of my knees, I literally just fell over.

Nadia Forde FHM cover

If you visit the Nadia’s website you will see videos galore, a stunning and seductive photo gallery and link to all of Nadia’s social networks. We are liking her acoustic performance of stuck below.

How much has life changed for Nadia Forde after I’m A Celebrity?
Life is a little different. I appreciate random things so much more now, like running water and my phone. Just having the luxury of being able to call a loved one whenever I want is probably my favourite thing.

We have been following you for such a long time now and you really are very beautiful. Do you get a lot of attention when going about a normal day?
Oh emmmmm I actually don’t know?! To be honest people are very lovely to me but I don’t think I get extra attention.

On fashion we would like to know, whats your favourite fashion brand? High street or designer?
At the moment I love All Saints, Alexander Wang and I love going to boutiques and finding one off pieces.

How would you describe your style?
Very relaxed and comfortable when I’m not working. Jeans, converse and flannel shirt. I actually got slagged the other day for the amount of checked shirts I have in my wardrobe!

Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur?
Oh depends, both are different moods. So I guess depends how I’m feeling.

Favourite make up brand?
MAC and Rimmel.

On dating we want to know, whats your biggest misconception about men?
Probably the idea that all men were like a Disney movie. That perception quickly changed!


Do you get attention from both men and women?
Oh god I actually don’t know, never paid attention to it. Everyone is so lovely and friendly regardless of gender.

Do chat up lines really work on women?
Very rarely but I do love a good sense of humour!

What’s been your worst ever date?
Haha I can’t tell you that!

Tell us 2 things a women should never do on a first date.
Kiss and I don’t really have any other rules.

On 2015 we would like to know, what plans do you have for 2015?
Lots of plans. New TV show ,new music, gigs! And then my best friend is getting married between all of this so that’s it’s been a big part of 2015!

Will you be releasing another calendar for us this year?
Yes! I’m actually shooting the 2016 one in may.

And finally tell us something you have never said in any other interview…
I think it’s really important to get behind gay marriage in Ireland. There’s a big referendum taking place in May and I think people need to move with the times. I’ve a lot of friends who would love to be able to make that commitment to their partner so I don’t see why they can’t.

Follow Nadia on twitter @NadiaForde or visit Nadiaforde.com

Images via NardiaForde.com