In 8 days Neetu Sahota aka Miss Flavour 2010 will hand over her crown, Flavour caught up with her for a quick chat.

Dancing Queen Neetu Sahota is used to shaking things up on stage with her energetic spark and attitude. She calls the stage her home and it’s no surprise. After ditching her trainers for heels, the 21-year-old graced the stage and with her elegance and charisma and was crowned Miss Flavour 2010 at Café de Paris. Having never entered a competition like this before she wowed the celebrity judges and the crowed with her exotic Asian beauty, bubbly personality, intelligent answers and fierceness on the catwalk.

How have you enjoyed your time as Miss Flavour?
I have really enjoy my time being Miss Flavour, wish it didn’t end, I’ve learnt a lot and met a lot of people within the performing arts industry which was beneficial as continue to pursue dancing, acting as well as modelling! I’ve had so many great opportunities come by my way and I feel privileged to be Miss Flavour, it’s given me a chance to show what I can do and to show everyone that I can do it, especially as i come from an Indian background! This title has opened many doors for me and has boosted my confidence tremendously. Although I won’t have my crown for much longer, I’ll still be working hard and doing what I do best whether it’s dancing, acting or modelling. I thank the whole Flavour Team for managing me and giving me a head start and giving me a chance to show showcase my skills. This definitetly gave me a head start towards my career!

How do you feel about handing over your crown?
Although I don’t want it to end, I’m very excited about handing over my crown. Being able to hand over the crown and give the new Miss Flavour a chance to be able to peruse certain aspects, or goals they’d like to achieve in their life is going to be a very nice feeling.

What advice would you give to the new winner?
Be confident!!! Be persistent and also be wary of people’s intentions; as unfortunately, sometimes opportunities can be one-dimensionally beneficial.

What do you expect from the new winner as Miss Flavour?
I guess I don’t expect anything from the new Miss Flavour all I want her to do is to LIVE out their year as Miss Flavour and take the experience in as much as possible. There’s a lot to gain and alot to learn from this experience, just enjoy being you and enjoy having that title! I’d love to see them shine throughout the year!

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