With four hit singles under their belts, Neon Jungle are back with their fifth single ‘Can’t Stop The Love’. The track has been taken from their album Welcome To The Jungle and will impact on Dec 15th.

The girls said: ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ means a lot to us. It’s really empowering and gives out a strong positive message. We’re all equal, regardless of race, gender, sexuality etc and we should all love and accept love. It takes the smallest of efforts to make such a huge difference in someone’s life, whether that be a helping hand, or even just a smile. ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ is such a feel good song. We just wanna make people happy and spread the love!’

Because the song is so important to the band and their fans, Neon Jungle are inviting fans to be included as part of the official video for the song by sending in footage of themselves. The best clips submitted will be chosen to feature in the music video.


Neon Jungle is the new girl band in town who have set their sights on dominating the British music scene. The sassy group consists of Londoners Amira McCarthy, 17, and Jess Plummer, 20, joined by Japanese-born Asami Zdrenka, 17, and Shereen Cutkelvin, 16, from Scotland. Forming a new and feisty pop group, their debut single certainly introduces the band with a bang.

‘Trouble’ is a hard-hitting and catchy pop song that pulls no punches. With lyrics that include “I don’t look for trouble, but trouble looks for me. And it’s been waiting around corners, since I was 17…” and “Here comes a hurricane, trouble is her middle name”, it is easy to think Neon Jungle are all about the drama.


So is trouble always looking for them? Jess, the oldest in the group, says, “We are prone to it, we’re a bit of a magnet… but it’s one of those things, we don’t actually look for trouble.” Asami instead describes the song as “very chaotic and raw”. Indeed, the single showcases the band’s fun and youthful side. Of course, it is not meant to be taken literally.

Each member of the group was discovered in the most unlikely of places. Amira was spotted on Brick Lane; Jess was recruited while shopping in Westfield; and Sheereen and Asami were scouted on YouTube. Amira was asked if she could sing on the spot and remembers, “I thought it was a bit weird, like, why is this happening?” But each decided to follow their instincts and attend auditions, where they were later chosen as the final four.

The band signed their record deal with RCA Records without a name. They finally settled on Neon Jungle at the eleventh hour. ‘Jungle’ comes from the song called ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and ‘Neon’ represents their individual brightness. Since picking a name, the girls have shot the video for ‘Trouble’, which has already been viewed more than a million times since its release on YouTube in July – looks like they made the right choice.

Shereen Cutkelvin - Neon Jungle Asami Zdrenka - Neon Jungle NEON JUNGLE FLAVOURMAG SHOOT NEON JUNGLE FLAVOURMAG SHOOT

The girls are now living together in a West London flat and love their girl band lifestyle. Jess says, “It’s a family unit! One big happy family.” When asked what the best part of being in a girl band is, Shereen says, “It’s comforting to have three other girls by your side. It’s nice to vibe off each other and not be alone.”

On the Flavourmag photo shoot the ladies are all chilled and give off that sisterly bond – they adjust their outfits in the mirror, making sure the other looks perfect. But don’t expect them to fight over clothes because each has very different style. The youngest member Shereen is described as the alluring one in the group. Jess says, “She loves a T-shirt and heels; the T-shirt is normally draping off one shoulder.” Sheeren adds, “I would wear a T-shirt and heels out in the street. It’s me.”

Fashion aside, the girls dream of winning a Grammy or two and working with huge stars like Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg. Rihanna is also an inspiration for her effortless’ style and attitude. Surprisingly, the foursome are also fans of the controversial twerking Miley Cyrus. They agree they would all like to emulate her fearless attitude in the future. Jess says, “She doesn’t really care what people’s perception of her is and she’s doing what she wants to do.”
However, one thing the ladies are adamant about is that you don’t compare them to X Factor winners Little Mix or The Saturdays, as they are in their own lane. Asami says, “We are our own competition and we’re learning.” Jess adds, “We don’t wake up in the morning and think how we are going to be different to them. We are just being us and concentrating on us. I mean everyone goes at different paces.”

Although all are in awe of the two groups’ success, Neon Jungle is keen to pave their own way in the music industry and let their music speak for itself. The band tells us they would much rather be compared to The Spice Girls and the popular 90s mega stars. They’re aiming for the big time.

With a second single in the pipeline and an album in the works we’re told the debut LP will have the same energy as ‘Trouble’, so be prepared for more in-your-face antics.

‘Trouble’ is out now
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Interview: Abigail Dede

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