murielle telio exclusive interview and photos

American Actress Murielle Telio who played the character of Misty Mountains in the recent hollywood smash ‘The Nice Guys’ starring alongside heavyweights Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe talks movies, fashion, health & fitness plus more.

Here is a breakdown down of The actresses that starred in The Nice Guys Murielle Telio, Margaret Qualley, YaYa DaCosta and more are all featured in this special feature and if you can also watch our exclusive video interview with Angourie Rice on youtube who played Ryan Gosling’s daughter in the movie.

But right now its all about this beautiful bombshell Murielle who we have be following on instagram ever since we first laid eyes on her in ‘The Duff’ and ‘Marvels, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

murielle telio exclusive interview and photos
Murielle Telio rocking leggings and crop top, photographed by Austin Roque

Speaking on ‘The Nice Guys’…

You played the character Misty Mountains alongside powerhouse actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, what was it like on set of ‘The Nice Guys’ with these guys?

Well, these guys are both as talented as they are hilarious; you can’t help but crack up. Their chemistry was amazing to watch in this film and to watch it behind the camera takes it to another level.

The nice guys also featured Margaret Qualley and YaYa DaCosta, was there any female rivalry on set or was it all love?

I don’t think so. They’re both very beautiful and talented ladies, and I look forward to seeing them in many more projects in the future.

What was the best thing about acting in The Nice Guys?

As an actress, the best part of acting in any film is loving the character and loving the script; and I instantly fell in love with Misty Mountains and the script. Also, Russell and Ryan aren’t hard on the eyes.

On fashion, style and beauty…

Who’s your favourite(s) style icons and why?

Brigitte Bardot, she just perfected sexy sophisticated. Her hair and makeup was absolutely fabulous and perfectly imperfect.
I also love Jane Birkin and more contemporarily, Lea Seydoux. I just think style is so much more than what you wear. It’s the total package. It’s how you carry yourself.

How would you describe your own style?

I guess elegant/sexy. It’s always evolving.

Favourite places to shop for clothes?

Everywhere. I love flea markets.

Favourite make up brand or brands

I’m a bit of a makeup junkie. I need to go accompanied to the Sephora store, or I’ll buy the entire store. But, off the top of my head: Tarte, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Nars. I’m newly obsessed with this new brand MILK.

You are very beautiful; do you have a special beauty regime?

Thank you. For me it always starts with skin. I wash my face every night. I exfoliate three times a week. I do a mask once a week.

Give us a one of your beauty secrets.

I brush my lips with a tooth brush and lotion before I apply any lip stick. Makes your lips more plush, and I really like the consistency of lotion for a matte look.

murielle telio exclusive interview and photos
Murielle Telio, photographed by Austin Roque

Random Quick Fire questions – choose one…

Mini Dress or Maxi Dress?


Flats or High Heels?


Swimsuit or Bikini?


Jeans or Leggings?


Mascara or Lipstick?

Lipstick. My mother always told me that all a lady needs is a little lipstick and perfume.

Agent Provocateur or Victoria Secrets?

Victoria’s Secret

Romantic dinner date or Netflix & Chill?

Romantic Dinner

Meat or Fish?


Vodka or Whiskey?


Ryan Gosling or Russell Crowe?

Both, Duh

Rhianna or Beyonce?

Uhh that’s a tough one, Beyonce.

On Heath and Fitness…

With such an awesome figure, we would assume you have some sort of fitness regime, do you work out?

Well thank you. I do have a pretty strict workout regiment that I stick to. It depends on what I am trying to accomplish at the time. I am however, a big fan of weight training. I go to the gym probably five times a week.

Do you have a special diet that keeps you in shape?

I don’t really eat sugar. That’s the one thing I try to steer clear of.

murielle telio exclusive interview and photos
Murielle Telio, photographed by Austin Roque

On the Future…

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve got a few cool things coming up. I’ll keep you guys posted as they are closer to release date.

How can your fans follow you? What social networks are you?

I would say I’m most active on Instagram. I also am on Facebook, and I recently started being active on Twitter. Follow me for updates.