The Urban uber designer Patrick Kevin, recently re-launched his fashion website with a catwalk show and soiree at the Black Grape Gastro Bar. The show was set to start at 8pm but of course fashion is never on time and guests didn’t arrive until nine. We waited with breath that was baited for the models to strut…and waited…and waited, then we had to exhale. Kick off didn’t occur until midnight!!Patrick_Kevin_w-Eddie

But anyone who had started to snooze soon woke up because, delay aside, the catwalk was set on fire with original street wear designs that people will no doubt soon be rocking. For the guys, the stand out piece was the ingeniously named “Dunga Jean” a dungaree minus the braces. For girls it was definitely the chic faux fur coats; sexy sophisticated and oh so stylish.Dunga-Jeans

Live Pas from Sway and Truth gave the show an interesting twist, as well as Richard Blackwood on the decks. Eddie Kadi jumped on stage at the end of the show to remind us that there is no “Free entry guest-list to get these clothes….we actually have to get online and buy them!” Log on people.

Words by Mary Bello