Phil MC Presents His New Single It’s Christmas

Taking influence from great pop artists like Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, Phil MC releases his festive single It’s Christmas. The catchy repetition of the song builds Christmas spirit and tries to connect everyone who is feeling festive through its simplicity.

Not only does Phil MC write all his own music, but he also plays every instrument on the tack and records it all himself. Although multi-skilled across many instruments, and although he takes great pride in all his recording equipment and instruments, by far the most precious to Phil is his guitars. From Gibson’s to Fenders, he has a range of acoustic and electrics but the most special to him is his Tereda. He uses the Tereda to write all his music as he feels a greater connection with it and almost feels it inspires him.

The message that It’s Christmas carries is simple and clear and its inspired by the millions of people all around the world who, like Phil, love the sense of excitement Christmas brings. What Phil MC wanted to express in the lyrics is how much the season means to him and to connect everyone who feels the same as him, no matter who they are. Inspired by the traditional Christmas songs, there are sleigh bells and angelic choirs along with a pop feel to make everyone sing It’s Christmas over and over again.

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