Whilst working as a hustler and pimp in Soho’s sex industry for Stanley (Danny Dyer – Dead Man Running), Woody (Robert Cavanah) agrees to be filmed by a documentary camera crew for one week.

However, it’s no ordinary week; his latest porn shoot is behind schedule, he loses his apartment and he is beaten up by a rival gang of Chinese thugs.

These are the least of his problems though, when one of his girls, Petra (Barbara Nedeljakova – Hostel), goes missing. During his frantic search for her through the seductive Soho underworld Woody soon finds himself starting to question his whole life – a life he now finds spiraling brutally out of control…

Featuring an explosive cast (including Billy Boyd, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Martin Compston, Robert Fucilla and Susie Amy), Pimp is a sexy, exciting and action-packed look at the darker side of London’s glamorous and dangerous nightlife.

PIMP is out now cinemas, as well as on FilmFlex, iTunes, Playstation and LOVEFiLM

The DVD and Blu-ray is out now with the following extras; Special Features, ‘Making of’ documentary, Deleted Scenes, Stagger Rats music video

To win a copy of the film on DVD and signed posters from Danny Dyer write PIMP MY POST in the comment box below

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  1. How could you give this a positive review, did you even watch the film? Definately the worst film I have ever had the pain of viewing. East London is generally a salubrious area full of loveable, law abiding citizens. If you have the contact details of Writer, Producer, Director and lead actor Robert Cavanah, please post them somewhere on the internet, so he can be made aware of this monstrosity, and never again find work in the cinema industry.

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