portal perfection

Doors primarily provide entry and exit points — if you’ve purchased a home without them, you’re in trouble.

But apart from its functional purpose, a front door says something subtle yet sophisticated about what visitors and residents should expect when they enter.

So if you’re looking for a portal to perfection, here are five-door decor tips.

  1. Paint colour

The finish and colour of your front door should match your property and establish the appropriate domestic ambience.

Scientific evidence on the emotions certain colours evoke is limited — but it’s fairly common for red to be associated with passion and yellow to spark summery optimism.

Selecting a paint from Dulux Weathershield ensures on-point colour and a weatherproof finish that should last for six years, provided you’ve prepared the surface properly before application.

  1. Doorknobs and knockers

Doors look delightful when every element of the styling is consistent.

So it’s disappointing when you spot a modern doorknob that’s completely incongruous with a classic four-panel Victorian door — or a vintage knocker protruding conspicuously from a modern PVCu model.

Don’t fall foul of this faux pas — The Door Knocker Company can provide you with British-made ironmongery and brass hardware for traditional and contemporary homes.

  1. Doormats

Most of your visitors should regard cleanliness as a virtue — otherwise, you’ll soon get sick of them trailing their mucky feet and hands into your interior.

But you can set a tidy tone for social proceedings by choosing a customised doormat from the Mat Factory — high-quality construction will ensure all detritus stays outside and a witty motto will make sure all who enter wipe thoroughly.

If you’re particularly pernickety, install a hand sanitiser dispenser on your vestibule wall — although this might be off-putting for some guests.

  1. Lighting

The right lighting ensures guests feel welcome and integrates security — for example, you might install lamps which automatically switch on as you approach your property. It’s no secret that having some decor that can help illuminate the space that you live in will make you feel better and give you some good vibes that you may be lacking at various times during your day. An interesting idea that you can consider including in your new redecoration plans can be handmade neon lights that can allow you to see your room in a new light. During the evening, when the interior of your home may seem a bit dull, or too dark for your taste, implementing some new lights can give you an easy way to change the look of your home without spending thousands on the redecorations

But you’ll have to choose the most appropriate installation for your architectural style.

So a lantern on each side of a traditional door combined with concealed lights in the door surround adds a touch of glamour — while uplights create a dramatic look that complements contemporary properties.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, browsing the website for Lighting Direct might help you devise a solution.

  1. Door numbers

Your door number’s another practical signpost that ensures you receive the right mail and are easily found by first-time visitors — but there’s no reason it can’t blend brilliantly with the rest of your setup.

Picking a personalised number from John Lewis in rustic slate, wrought iron or brass will add a final flourish to your door and ensure every element is completely coordinated — from the handle and letterbox to the knocker and wood finish.

You can also match your new numbers with an oval nameplate attached to your exterior wall for a distinctive look that suits an older property.

So there are five-door decor tips to help you prepare a perfect portal — the centrepiece of an excellent exterior.

What’s your favourite front door design? Share your thoughts in the comments section.