bradley1They shot to overnight superstardom with their string of catchy hits, including ‘Bring It All Back’ and ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’. Over the five years they were together S Club 7 sold over seventeen million albums, released eleven singles four of which went straight to number one, and if that wasn’t enough they even had their own TV series ‘Miami 7’ which became an instant success with over 90 million viewers. Well Flavour’s very own Noel Phillips, caught up with former member Bradley McIntosh to find out where he’s been and if S Club will be returning anytime soon.

This was back then…

S Club (formerly known as S Club 7) was created in 1998 by Simon Fuller. The group comprising of Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens – were selected from nearly 10,000 hopefuls. Together they then released their debut album ‘S Club’, which at the time had every teenager’s singing their catchy pop hits. As their popularity increased they went on to win two BRIT Awards—in 2000 for British breakthrough act and in 2002, for best British single. In the same year fellow member Paul Cattermole, departed from the group and the remaining members then changed its name from S Club 7 to simply S Club. However, on April 21 2003, during a live performance, S Club announced that they were to split.

….and this is now

bradley2Bradley, can you look around and tell us exactly where you are?
I have just stepped out from the studio after writing a placement song for JLS a thing that I have also done for the likes of Kelly Rowland and Musiq Soulchlid.

What have you been up to since you left S Club?
Well it’s been a rollercoaster but when I first left I took some time out went on holiday and did a lot of partying in America, as well as appearing in a few movies. I have also been busy working as a publisher for Universal Music developing an artist that goes by the name of BYOB (Bring your own bottle).

Since the break up of S Club, there has been many rumors surrounding the reason why you all decided to split, but can you tell the real reason?

There is no real reason the fact is that we all wanted to do our own thing a lot of the other guys in the band were ready to move on after spending five years together. The cheesy pop era at the time we feel was coming to an end so that’s why we wanted to end on a high as most pop bands sometimes tend to die out.

Are there any plans for a comeback or reunion?
There are no plans for all seven of us to get back together, but me and a few of the other guys have done a few shows to our fans that have now grown up.

You mentioned earlier you’ve been busy working in the studio can you give us an insight in to what you’ve been working on?
I am currently working on loads of different project as well as writing for myself especially as I am so fussy, I can never settle with doing one genre of music.

I also recently did a movie and am also producing for Party Dark.

Are there any plans to appear in any more movies?
I would like to talk to Noel Clarke, although we’ve never met or spoke but I like his movies as I feel he represent the youths of today. So yeah Noel is the person who I really want to talk to right now.

You’re currently producing for Party Dark and working closely with Randy and J-Rock, former members of (Big Brovaz) but tell us how did you guys meet?
I met Randy and J-Rock when I was apart of S Club we then worked on a few projects before starting to make music and since then we have become really close.

And finally can you tell us something interesting about yourself?
I do property developing where I buy and rent houses.

Interview by Noel Phillips

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