2384_MS_D001_0044Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has been many things in the industry over the years – rapper, producer, clothing designer, magazine publisher, reality-television star and business executive. But what was it like as the funnyman of comedy movie ‘Get Him To The Greek’? Read the interview to find out…

The character of Sergio is a lot of fun. How much of the character was your input?
The character is not meant to be a parody of myself. If I was going to play the role I wanted to create a unique character, somebody that was very eccentric but also had a piece of me and a piece of the different moguls I’ve had a chance to be around like Russell Simmonds and Jimmy Iovine. These are very eccentric record executives who are like the Tiger Woods of music.

How much did it echo what real record companies are like?
I think the things you see are very authentic from the parties, the concerts, the travelling to the drugs and sex and rock and roll – a lot of it is very authentic.

You were famous for your parties as well?
I think I’ve become more refined. I don’t think I’ve toned down. I think less is more and it’s all about quality not quantity for me right now.

Is this also a valentine to how the music industry once was?
I think the music industry is fun and crazy and full of these charismatic eccentric characters. I think it’s changed as a business, but the foundation of the superstars and their motivation to be rock and roll stars – that dream of singing into your brush or playing air guitar will never go away. That will always be the foundation of the music industry, no matter how the technology changes. The star is still born in front of the mirror.

How good was Russell as a rock star?
I think Russell is a rock star in general – it’s a perfect role for him. It was comedy brilliance.

What did you think of “African Child”?
“African Child” was condescending to my race but that’s the joke you have to see in the movie. Sometimes you get caught up and think you are changing the world and you are being condescending.

How did you like the floating head?
That was a little weird for me – everybody loves that part where I eat my own head – but it threw me into a stage of shock watching it. It wasn’t as funny for me as it was for everyone else.

GET HIM TO THE GREEK: THE EXTENDED PARTY EDITION, the latest film from producer Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up), rocks onto DVD and Blu-ray on 1st November.