Written about modern-day dating and the impact of social media personalities like the Kardashians, ‘Spending Money’ explores the materialism of current society.

The playful rapping style, clever rhymes, charisma and originality of Sergio Myers defines the sound of ‘Spending Money’. Catchy and upbeat, ‘Spending Money’ features guest vocals from Roland Clark who also produced the track. The single is also accompanied by a music video which was created by fans around the world dancing and expressing themselves to the music.

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Sergio Myers is the multi-genre artist who has been making waves with his charismatic and catchy music. On previous releases he has created emotional hip hop tracks that dissect his personal life, working with Grammy award-winning producer Arden Altino. He has also worked with MTV creating the reality tv series ‘Sorority Life’. His high concept creations have gained him high profile collaborations with award-winning producers and artists, now bringing a laser-like focus to his music career.