Skplyv Nolstnm

Formerly releasing music as Skipplive Nolastname, Skplyv Nolstnm is back with a transparent new video and single ‘Fears for Tears’.

Taken from a quote he read, Skplyv Nolstnm expresses his self-esteem in his confident new video, directed by Humble90k. In the studio, ‘Fears for Tears’ almost wrote itself, with the lyrics flowing naturally as Skplyv Nolstnm rapped his truth. Upbeat and heartfelt, ‘Fears for Tears’ was recorded at Fuzion House Studios with a very notable engineer in North Miami Beach Florida, Holla Fame Engineering.

Born in Haiti and migrated to the US in search of a better life, encapsulates the meaning of BORNBROKE, a music group he and his business partner Gee have launched. Skp unapologetically chases the American Dream, his self-determination matches his melodic flow and bold lyrics that never fail to capture a mood. Known as the NMB Beast, Skplyv Nolstnm keeps his North Miami Beach home as an important part of his identity and sound. In the words of Skplyv Nolstnm himself, “It’s the Zak!”

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