‘South Central’ is out on DVD in the UK for the first time and brings with it a gritty depiction of the harsh reality of ghetto life . Find out how to win your own copy…

Inspired by the dramatic tale of gang warfare in Donald Bakeer’s book ‘South Central L.A: CRIPS’, the film illustrates life living within a state of gang warfare. Set in Los Angeles, the film follows Bobby (Glenn Plummer) who is immersed within a community of violence, a journey through which incarceration is often the unfortunate destination. The tale follows a way of life that is hard to break away from as protagonist Bobby struggles to resist the temptation of gang life and concentrate on his family. After a spell in jail he rejoins the Deuces gang but is soon prison bound again for murder, all the while his girlfriend Carole has just given birth to their son. He is sentence to 10 years but this time when he is freed, he is a changed man determined to save his son from the doomed life of a gang member.

The film, directed by Steve Anderson, is a powerful tale of the struggle to escape the corruptive vortex of gangland culture. To win your copy of the epic recreation, answer the question below:

The film is based on a book by Donald Bakeer, but in which year was the book published?

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Presented by Second Sight Films, ‘South Central’ is out on DVD on October 3rd.