stylish DIY hacks to liven up your home

If you are tired of coming home to an outdated living room each day it is time to resort to some inexpensive and cheerful updates without having to delve deep into your pocket.

These simple DIY fixes, will not only save you time but will transform your private lounge into a fresh and modern looking place as well.

Install unique mirrors

Mirrors are relatively cheap and come in all shapes and sizes. Their unique design will brighten up your living room and make li feel well illuminated, luxurious and large. If you can add a few architectural features to your living room budget, then you can try putting up these mirrors in different ways rather than just nailing them on the walls.

Floor with flair

Flooring is considered to be the foundation when it comes to renovation ideas for the family’s den. There are many options available that don’t need deep pockets and are DIY friendly. Handmade rugs can add interest to an otherwise boring surface and also keep the floor warm and clean. If you are looking for a rug to cover a large area and get a shock on seeing the tag, gather two or more small rugs and place them together with a carpet seaming tape to get the desired result.

Consider the ceiling

The ceiling gets often neglected and even forgotten in a living room renovation plan despite the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune for its treatment. By simply installing tin ceiling panels, moulding and giving a fresh coat of paint to the exposed beams, there are endless ways to create a unique looking ceiling.

White is wonderful

If you are working on a limited budget, try applying a fresh coat of white paint. Not only is it affordable, but it is also an extremely easy way to create an instant and striking impact. Painting this personal space white will also make it look larger, modern, timeless and soothing. You can add accent to a white living room with neutral shades to create more visual interest.

Go green

Adding plants to a living room is a great way to brighten up the space and introduce a natural flair throughout it. This is a quick DIY idea that won’t pinch your pocket and the fresh plants around the room are certain to make an instant difference. Plants which are air-purifying can be placed in a corner and used to add colour and liven up things around it.

Install evocative art

Installing interesting paintings, drawings or prints is a bold way to brighten up the living room in a memorable way. Since the choice of art is personal, its significance will reflect on your experience and personality. If you have plenty of art to display, take over a wall with the largest piece you have in order to make a stunning statement.

Since the living room is one of the first areas where guests are received as they enter through the front door it should always make a good impression. Unless you are thinking of a major overhaul, the DIY friendly tasks described above will help you tackle most living room remodelling projects by yourself.