Starting a business is one thing, but setting up a lucrative one is a completely different story. Taking advantage of opportunities and growing trends may just be the secret ingredients that help add to your success, just as it was for Supreme.

The term ‘urban biking’ may not be familiar to everyone, but, if you have ever come across a Ruff Ryders video, then you would have definitely observed an active biking culture and the strong connection that it has with urban music, in particularly hip hop. Having noticed a growing trend in biking and the overall commercialisation of urban music worldwide, Supreme Riders was born, the brainchild of motorbike enthusiast and DJ, Supreme – who linked his passion for music and bikes together.

By opening a repairs garage that specialises in the servicing and maintenance of Suzuki and Yamaha sports bikes, Supreme has managed to not only create a South London-based business, but has also made sure that Supreme Riders is accessible online with a shop on eBay. ‘I love being my own boss,’ says the 29-year-old. ‘I have a passion for both my businesses and I’m sure that if I didn’t own my companies I would still be working in the same fields.’

Acting as a major catalyst for the urban biking game, Supreme Riders is definitely changing the way motorbikes are viewed on the road with their event Urban Bike Fest. Put together in 2004 the Urban Bike Fest, which has happened annually since then, hosts a paradise for families and bike lovers alike looking to enjoy a day out with entertainment including top DJs, comedy acts, live PAs, guest celebrities, a barbeque, face painting and bouncing castles for the kids. The main attraction is the very talented bikers who
demonstrate tricks to the crowd that can only be seen at this event. By attracting a demographic that consists of music lovers, the event will hopefully help create and stimulate a new generation of bike lovers.

Branching out
Some of Supreme Riders branches include a film and video division – used to capture footage of some of Supreme Riders finest events that include Supreme Riders Volume 1 & Urban Bike Fest 2005 and a motorbike and bike accessory showroom where Supreme stocks the Supreme Rider’s clothing line. He has also started another venture: ‘I have now added a service that offers a free courtesy car or bike within 24 hours of your accident. We also offer a free legal team to deal with every aspect of the process for you.’

Still in his twenties, the entrepreneur knows the secret to his success: ‘By staying focused and believing in myself enough to keep getting back on my feet like Rocky when something knocks me down.’ With his can-do attitude and his hustler’s ambition it sounds like the makings of a young Shawn Carter.

Words by Lindi Mkwananzi, photography by Jordan Roach

Supreme Riders Unit 33, Enterprise Industrial Estate, Bolina Rd, London, SE16 3LF  Tel: 020 7231 1441