Suzanne Gladstone

Up and coming Country Rock artist Suzanne Gladstone is about to release her latest single titled ‘I Blew a Wish’.

Suzanne Gladstone is passionate for creating audio-visual art that comes straight from her heart and soul, captivating listeners with her poetic lyrics and vast vocal ability.

I Blew a Wish is a deep track that is inspired by moments of darkness in Suzanne’s life. She tells her unique story through the medium of music to grab the audience and take them on a journey to their own discovery.

Suzanne is an artist who is not confined by the barriers of genre, she makes music that breaks apart the differences between Country, Rock and Soul to become an individual that goes beyond conventional.

Suzanne hails from San Diego, California where she grew up alongside her 9 siblings. Her large family bonds meant that she has been influenced by a range of musical greats, her favourites being Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Patsy Cline, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Adele.

Suzanne currently resides back in her hometown of San Diego where she has worked with many professional musicians to help her craft her richly textured and powerful sound. She is now ready to showcase her talent with the release of this single ‘I Blew a Wish’.

The track will be available to listen to on all major digital platforms from the 1st April 2019.