The eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face, they provide instant glam and balanced beauty. The perfect eyebrows can soften and flatter the face unlike over plucked or unruly eyebrows.

Follow our top fix tips to guide you to the perfect brow:-

1. Use the balance lines below, line 1; don’t remove higher than the edge of your eye, line 2; lift the brow at the pupil, line 3; never remove any further in than the edge of the nostril


2. Aim for symmetry and remove carefully
3. Select a suitable method of removal

a. Tweezing
Ideal for removing stray hairs, use flat/slanted edge tweezers for easy grip
Firstly support the skin, then with the other hand grip the hair and pull, once all removal has finished use witch hazel or aloe gel to sooth and prevent pimples

b. Threading/waxing
Good for removing bulk quickly, but don’t try this yourself, consult a professional!

c. Defining
Once you have shaped to perfection allow the redness to subside and then you’re ready for definition. If your eyebrows are naturally defined you may only need a little clear mascara to hold in place

If not then draw feather like stokes in-between each brow to avoid harsh lines

Eye shadow can be used for a softer effect or select an eye brow pencil as it contains waxes to hold the eyebrows in place

You’re good to go with those diva brows!!!

Why not try the following tools of the trade as they are available in a variety of colours:-

Budget Buy Bling Buy
Rimmel pro eye pencil MAC eyebrow pencil
£2.95 £9.79

Bourjois Tweezers Tweezerman
Boots £2.93 Boots £14.99

Words by Flavour beauty editor Lea James
Photography by TLS Photography


  1. Fantastic article, how interesting to read all of the information that Lea has given. Liked the tips on what tweezers were recommended as I have bought so many that do not work. I will give them a try! Look forward to further articles by Lea.

  2. really interesting article i have the most difficulty with my eyebrows and these tips are just what I needed so thanks again and i look forward to more useful information.


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