Trey_Songz_-_Main_Pub_2_-_Ben_WattsTrey Songz is the ultimate RnB sex symbol. With tracks like Invented Sex and Neighbours Know My Name off his latest album Ready, the 23-year-old has whipped women all over the world into a frenzy. And the UK is no exception – Trey Mania hit dizzy heights over here when he came to town. We caught up with him to get some love advice, find out whether Keri Hilson could be the one, and how he copes with being tackled on stage by fans.

If I’m being honest right now I’m feeling more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve. I’m about to interview Trey Songz at the Langham Hotel. My mind goes back to his music videos. If you haven’t seen them I suggest you draw the curtains, get comfortable and allow Trey to consume your senses – you’ll soon understand why his tracks have such provocative titles. I haven’t had a crush in years. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to stick posters of Trey on my bedroom wall and doodle Mrs Songz in my notebook…

Ever since he burst onto the scene five years ago with the album Just Gotta Make It, music lovers everywhere have been hooked by his soulful tones – and with every album that comes along he just gets better and better. I guess that’s why his third album is called Ready – because he knows that the pace has been set and this is when things will really take off to new heights.

‘I was ready for a lot of things that came along with this album,’ he tells me, while casually reclining in one of the sofas in his hotel room. ‘And coincidently when I was putting this album out I felt like the world was ready for me. So it’s a double entendre type of thing.’

But was Trey also ready for the pandemonium he caused at his concerts? I heard rumours there were women crying and throwing all sorts of silky things at him. He smiles that sexy grin. ‘A little something.’ he says, ‘a couple of panties, a few bras.’ But French knickers are not the only thing he has to contend with. ‘In Berlin some fans jumped the barriers and got on stage – one of them almost tackled me!’ How does he cope with all of that female attention? He’s got a massive amount of love from women on an international level. He laughs, and then there’s that grin again. ‘I do? Well it’s a beautiful place to be. I feel really grateful to be appreciated by beautiful women all over the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

It’s obvious that Trey feels blessed to have fans that appreciate him and a career that’s going from strength to strength. The reason for that down-to-earth attitude is a strong spiritual connection. Trey prays before every performance and he has angel wings tattooed on his back. ‘My grandma always tells me watch my back when I leave home. So it’s basically angels watching my back – it relates to all the people I have at home praying for me.’

This leads on to Trey’s family. ‘My step father served in the military when I was younger,’ he says. Maybe this influenced his latest video for the track Yo’ Side of the Bed. The song has Trey singing about missing his partner when she’s not around, especially when she’s not in his bed, and the video depicts his wife as a soldier who loses her life while she’s posted away from home. With the family connection it’s a subject close to his heart.


‘Through the video I’m speaking to the world and letting everyone know it’s a real situation, and I’m letting the soldiers and their families know that we appreciate what they do. A lot of lives are lost during war.’ Besides the strong message the video gives us, I’m interested in his choice of love interest. Keri Hilson plays his wife and the pair seems really close. ‘She’s a great girl and there was a little chemistry on set, I don’t think the video would have been as realistic as it appears otherwise. But she’s a good girl, and she’s taken.’

I notice a glint in his eye when he speaks about Ms Hilson – she may be taken but there are plenty more fish in the sea for this single young love god. So what kind of woman attracts Trey? ‘I love beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women. Sexy, not sleazy. And I definitely like a woman who is entertaining in the bedroom.’ And do British girls do it for this Virginia native? ‘Definitely,’ he drawls. ‘I love the way ya’ll talk – especially you, you’ve got this sexy, telephone voice going on.’ Whilst I try to remember to breathe he continues, ‘When I was growing up I didn’t realise there were so many beautiful black women in the UK.” Well now he does, so there’s no excuse not to come back. ‘I promise I’ll be back later this year, in October.’

Besides being an incredible vocalist, Trey has another talent – acting. ‘I get offered roles  but I haven’t taken any ’cos I wanna make sure I have the proper time to study acting. I want to do the job well.’ Just like with his singing career Trey is gonna wait until he is ready!

Trey Songz’ album Ready is out now.
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Words by Mary Bello