A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s letting it all out and who’s slating who. Let the tweets commence!

1.Nice to see Bow Wow getting it out of his system.
Groupies think that when they see us smiling we are enjoying their company. No we just laughing at yo dumb ratchet ass by how thirsty u actn (BowWow)

2.Somebody rescue Skepta fast! And we thought he always felt so alive.
I’m having my shittest day of 2011 I can’t even write any music kmt – amnesia must be kicking (Skepta)

3.Did they really have to hack into the only girl in the world?
My facebook is hacked! Standby #fuckinhackers (rihanna)

4.No Adam, it’s just anuvaday.
Seems like everyone has something out on the 18th! lool should be a good day (realadamdeacon)

5.The tough workload seems to have killed Ironik.
Fell asleep at 12. Woke up now. Can’t get back to sleep. Got to be up at 9. My sleeping pattern is a MESS! (DJIronik)

6.Chris Brown is finally in his zone.
On this “call of duty” black ops!! New user name CBE_ CHRISBROWN!!!! Leggggoo!!! (chrisbrown)

7.It’s never game over for Tinchy and his shades.
I nearly didn’t buy a pair of shades from the airport for the 1st time ever… I failed lol, wish me a safe flight 😉 #FleeTime (tinchystryder)

8.Just like you like aye Mr Santos.
I wouldn’t eat a kebab from just anywhere but flame in Wimbledon is quality (aggrosantos)

9.We now know who Diddy says his Hello good morning’s to.
There’s nothing more peaceful than takin a Shit! Lol ….tmi (iamdiddy)

10.Now we understand why the neighbours know his name.
Trey I was like Yo Trey (TreySongz)

Words by Melek Derebeyli