Ever wondered what it was like to handle the press for Tinie Tempah? Or teach Jessie J how to give an amazingly fierce performance live on stage? Well now you can!

Career inspiration charity, Icould, in conjunction with Blackberry, have come together to give young people the chance to experience exactly what it is like to work in music as a ‘Music Insider’. A selection of ambitious youngsters will get to shadow a number of industry representatives over the course of a day, in an initiative that will see journalists, video directors, presenters, makeup artists and more helping to keep 16 – 24 years olds motivated and out of the unemployment stream. Charity Director, David Arnold, said:

“Music Insiders aims to give young people the confidence to follow their passion in music, by considering careers beyond the spotlight that are often more accessible, better paid, longer lasting and just as rewarding as the careers of the artists themselves.”

This initiative features footage from the inspiring careers of professionals associated to big name artists. People like Jessie J’s choreographer and the label executive behind the career of Coldplay, have gotten involved to create an ‘access all areas’ campaign to give young people a peek into the behind-the-scenes work that brings the UK’s biggest talent to the forefront. In addition to the invaluable insight available and career shadowing days, a few lucky individuals can win a day on a celebrity music video/magazine photoshoot or a  trip to work for superclub Amnesia in Ibiza!

Get involed in this unique competition, organised by LivityUK, and become a music insider by going on the website, following on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.