French production duo We Are Gold and Finnish pop prodigy Tomi Saario today unveil the video for single ‘Coconut Water’.

We Are Gold and Tomi Saario’s new track ‘Coconut Water’ is exactly what we need in 2020.

With We Are Gold seamlessly blending the unmistakable melody with Tomi’s sleek vocals to create an infectious tropical 2020 homage to the iconic 1983 hit, you’ll feel like you’re stuck in a musical daydream, making ‘Coconut Water‘ the feel-good track of the year.

Talking about the track, Tomi tells us “When We Are Gold sent me a message asking if I could be a part of their new song featuring a sample of Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’, it was honestly a no brainer for me. I’ve always been a big fan of the original, so it was amazing to have this opportunity to make a summery track inspired by it and bring it to 2020″

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