one hot summer

BBC Three’s, One Hot Summer, an innovative social-first series that follows different groups of friends on a month-long trip through Spain.

Beginning today on BBC Three’s social channels, followers can join 13 young holiday-makers comprised of different friendship groups from across the country as they meet each other for the first time and head abroad for an epic journey. Through the prism of the trip, One Hot Summer will provide a unique window into a new group of friends from different walks of life as they break free from their normal lives and leave behind the daily pressures they face for an excursion abroad.

The group will travel together across Spain to destinations like Barcelona, Marbella and Seville to discover the best of what the country has on offer and BBC Three will be joining forces with BBC Radio 1 for when the holiday-makers travel to Ibiza to experience BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza. The audience will feel like they are right there with them by following BBC Three’s social accounts for daily updates where they will find bespoke content for the series or by catching up with the best of the week’s events via a weekly compilation episode available on BBC iPlayer every Sunday.

On the trip are the ‘London Swagger’ boys consisting of Chris, Shaq and Reenel, business partners and friends from South London going on their first holiday together; the ‘Straight Out of Swansea’ girls, Yaz and Sav, who want to break free from their bubble; ‘Small Town DJs’ Sam and Luke who want to become big-time DJs; ‘The Performers’, Rashida, Aimée and Izzy, who met at a Performing Arts school this year who will spend the summer together to get to know each other better; ‘The Party Animals’ Lewis and Megan who have been best friends for 10 years, live for the moment, and want to get away and escape from their small hometown; and ‘The Young Farmer’, Aidan, whose mates are all coupled up, who wants to break out of the countryside where he sells lawnmowers for a living and meet new people.

The audience can follow what the group are getting up to via a live page on which will be running daily updates from the series. Bespoke material created for each BBC Three social platform such as ‘full scenes’ will be released in their entirety at the time they were happening in real life alongside on the ground social content of activities for Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. Additionally, there will be an accompanying YouTube series for BBC Three called ‘About Last Night’ that dissects events from the day before and a weekly compilation programme available on BBC Three’s iPlayer page every Sunday from 22nd July until 26th August.