The grand crowning of Miss Flavour 2008 takes place on Wednesday 5th November at a star studded event at Sound, 1 Leicester Square. With amazing performances and 15 beautiful contestants this is a night not to be missed. Tickets can be purchased via however we are giving two Flavour readers the chance to win a ticket by entering the following competition:

Q: What do you love about Flavour Magazine?

Please write your answers in the comment box underneath this post on our website at You can write a simply sentence or be creative, write the answer in a poem or write a rap. No more then 30 words for each post. The winners name will be posted on the website and they will be emailed by Sunday 19th October. The winners will be chosen at random from the two answers that the Flavour team like the best.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

For more info on Miss Flavour then click here



  1. I like the posistion it has taken in the market as not only a magazine that reports on entertainment and fashion but in acting as a line of support to the urban creative industries as it shines it’s spotlight on emerging talent in the UK.

  2. topics covered,
    arent light…. they’re major!
    the girls look so good ,
    cant help but crave em,
    wanna give the ticket,
    to a greatful raver?
    look pon mi
    …2008 miss flavour!

  3. Flavour brings culture and inspiration to many of us young people, It not only helps us feel connected to our roots but also helps people see what more we have to offer to the creative and artistic community. I love Flavour events because i think it is important to support your local community and i never seem to stop being amazed by the talent it brings to light.

    Thank you Flavour.
    Louise Santillo.

  4. the magazine explains what’s new and hot, how many competitions there are for the girls.
    it covers loads of topics for people from all ages and covers many topics.
    its easy to read and shows us what can be achieved by anyone when they put their mind to it.
    it shares peoples lives so their friends can see whats going on in the world, bringing culture, music, arts and every day live to your home.

  5. Flavour not only keeps you updated on new and upcoming fashion talent but, is a positive celebration of black culture and what is achievable.

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