From hairdressing salons, to supermarket checkouts, school playgrounds, or college common rooms – everyone’s topic of conversation involves the nation’s favourite talent show – The X Factor. With just nine acts left, let’s see which stories will emerge about the remaining hopefuls after elimination. Tonight is Elton John night, who will really perform to the best of their ability to win the public vote this week?

Paije Richardson.
Bouncing Balloons, blonde, black and brown afros, and a rather suave baby pink jacket, Paije rocked The Crocodile Rock! All he needed to complete the look is some matching pink shoes. When I say he rocked it, he rocked the outfit, the song choice was way off. I have to agree with Louis on this one, the poor guy was booed for his comments but he was totally right.

Louis, ‘Paije, I thought you were great at audition, but tonight, Dannii, that was the wrong song choice. The song and your voice didn’t go together, it was like bad karaoke. You’re a little soul man, and it just didn’t work. The song choice was so wrong. Dannii, this was hit in 1972, he wasn’t even born in 1972. Seriously.’

Simon in agreement feels that Dannii has put more effort into her other two boys, Aiden and Matt’s performances and song choice – Amen. I guarantee Matt, and Aiden will have slow not as upbeat type songs. Dannii truly sucks for trying to make Paije the clown boy of the category, I am still waiting for his Luther Vandross style soul song he would do that genre so much justice.

Simon, ‘Louis, I don’t understand how he can go from a little Lenny Henry to a little Luther Vandross. I would say it was fun. But I would put your chances of winning at zero after that. Because you just can’t complete with the big singers with a song like that. Dannii’s putting more work into other singers – you wouldn’t have Matt singing Crocodile Rock.’

Aiden Grimshaw.
Yay! Slightly less intensity reared its head this week for Mr Grimshaw as he lightened the vibe of his chosen song giving it a lightly refreshing pleasant tone to Elton John hit track Rocket Man.

If Aiden became a pop star he would have to lose the surname. I think that Aiden on its own displays enough character, his character.

Louis and Simon disagree as usual!

Louis, ‘Hey Aiden, I like your performance every week. Always different never predictable. Liked song choice, you changed the melody, made the song your own. The image is spot on. If Elton is watching the show, he’d love that performance. ‘

Simon, ‘Louis, I don’t think you can criticise someone for changing melody. It’s not supposed karaoke.’

Louis, ‘He could be so much better.’

Simon, ‘I honestly think it’s Louis’ wrong time of the month tonight. Wouldn’t take too much notice of what Louis thinks. I think vocally that was your best performance. You have great presence. I like the fact you have some swagger, like you walked all over that pianos like Elton. I think you’ll be fine for next week.’

Mary Byrne.
Mary sings Can You Feel the Love Tonight, I adore this song so much from the Disney movie The Lion King. She’s back. Her final note was amazing. The goose bumps returned, so I was really impressed with her performance, mainly because I am in love right now as well! It was emotional, heartfelt and very moving *Violins!

Dannii, ‘Mary, Mary, Mary, you’re definitely getting your mojo back tonight. You’ve had and incredible week. Great when you get response from the street, at the film premiere. Parts of it were a little bit shaky, but the end note was spectacular.’

Cheryl, ‘You know you’re back because you can feel it in the room. It wasn’t nice last week to see you like that, but you’ve got that twinkle back in your eye. Welcome back.’

Simon, ‘Mary, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have liked your version. It was a little pub singerish, but because you have a heart, it worked. I have to say, particularly final note, it went very well.’

Louis, ‘Dannii said you were shaky. The only thing shaky about you was nerves, that was bang on tune. You’re living your dream, I want everyone to vote for Mary because she deserves to be in this competition.

Katie Waissel.
She’s still in the competition by the skin of her teeth. The public must be trying to tell her something, as she’s been in the bottom two more than anyone else! Her styling rocked her makeup and outfit fit perfectly for the song. She sang Saturday Night.

Louis, ‘Katie, I saved you last week because I think you have a lot more to give. It was a very controversial decision. Then, you come out and pick this song – Elton has made 44 albums, and you choose this song Cheryl? It was a throw away, forgetful performance. You gave her a silly song. I think you’re so much better than this. This could be your last week.’

Dannii, ‘You came out fighting tonight. I admire you for coming back, getting up there, giving it you all. For me, you sounded really good on the chorus, but the track ate you up on the verses. Your voice sounded small. Your voice is normally more soulful, and I always credited you for that.’

Simon, ‘Ok, in terms of sheer entertainment, that favourite performance of night so far. [To Louis] You know what, you’re going to get removed from the building if you keep talking like that. The song choice could not have been more appropriate. There was lots of controversy after last week, but I’m 100% happy I voted for you to say, because you’re not boring, predictable, you’ve got a fighter’s instinct.’

Matt Cardle.
Matt is so note perfect from moment go pretty much as soon as he opens his mouth. His touch on Elton John song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, was flawless. It is a very hard to sing, and if you mess up – it could go horribly wrong! He smashed it yet again. Amazing, he’s definitely holding his top spot in the competition.

Louis, ‘Matt, before I’m removed from the building, I want to say I absolutely loved that. You never let me down, you’re a real singer, a real performer. There are no tricks with you, you are the one everyone has to beat.’

Cheryl, ‘Absolutely beautiful song choice, perfect song choice. Another fantastic performance, you keep getting stronger and stronger every week.’

Simon, ‘I’ve got to be honest, I was worried about this song because it’s a very difficult song to make work in less than two minutes. I could your nerves at the beginning, suddenly, half way through, you went up a gear. I could listen to that for another two or three minutes.’

Dannii, ‘Matt, what a hard job that was. That’s the hardest song in the competition, especially after your performance last week. If I was in a stadium or a private gig, I would have felt you were singing that to me. Spot on, you nailed it.’

Cher Lloyd.
Love love love Cher. She sang Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word and Mocking Bird. I just love her tone, love her style, swag, and stage presence. She’s awesome. I wonder if you can tell who my favourite female is by any chance?! Lol.

Louis, ‘You know what, that absolutely rocked, one of Elton’s brilliant songs. Very clever, I know you’re a little diva in the making like this one here. So worked, absolutely brilliant.’

Dannii, ‘I loved it, you’ve hit your stride, more in your comfort zone. I really liked the singing bit, I’d have liked more singing, a little less of the bit in the middle. But you’ve really got into your comfort zone.’

Simon, ‘I wasn’t that crazy about last week, but I think after that you are 100% back in the game. It sounded like a recording artist. Loved the middle section of the song, it made it less karaoke. I think that fact that you were so down after criticism last week, it shows that you take criticism well, you’re not cocky.  You’re focused as well as ambitious.’

Wagner Carrilho.
Tonight Wagner sang I’m Still Standing, remixed with Circle Of Life, the judges can knock him all they want but his fan base will see him through to next week – believe that! Ha-ha! I love The Lion King when Mary sang one of the classic songs from the movie, likewise The Circle of Life is a lovely song. Louis still can’t get his name right, and the audience need to stop being mean and booing him. I do think he can sing a lot better, he seemed a little quiet compared to his past performances.

Simon, ‘I’ve seen some strange things in my life, but that tops it. It’s like Louis turned you into a singing robot. I didn’t know what the dancing was about – ‘I’m Still Standing’ to ‘The Circle of Life’, you can’t because it doesn’t make any sense. You haven’t got a clue what’s going on, have you?’

Louis, ‘First of all, you are still standing because people love you. You remind me of a young Elton John.’

Lol at Louis clinging on to his two acts, don’t know about a young Elton though Louis!

One Direction.
They are certainly going to be in the last three after their performance tonight, the consistency from the boys is excellent and their fan base is just gigantic. They delivered Something About The Way You Look Tonight. They are set to be the next boy band. As long as they don’t outshine my boys JLS – I love them!

Louis, ‘After last performance, I thought you were great, but now I know that the only direction you’re going is the final. I really got to know you yesterday. You take this really seriously. I know you’re going to be the next big boy band. I’ve nothing but good things to say about you.’

Dannii, ‘You are so consistent, it’s scary. Could have been really boring but it was great. I would love to hear you sing that at your concert, and I know you’re going to have one one day.’

Cheryl, ‘Listen to that [Crowd cheering] that’s the measure of what you’ve become. To hear that, you’re definitely are headed in one direction.’

Simon, ‘I want to say something, this is the first time in all the years of The X Factor where I genuinely believe a group are going to win this competition. What was so impressive is that you’ve remained focused, nice to the crew and fans. Everything that happened tonight, from what you were wearing to the song choice, it was all down to you. Congratulations.’

Rebecca Ferguson.
Rebecca doesn’t even need to sing again, she’s already made it. Her voice is unique enough to leave a lasting impression, and her tone is so lovely. She’s grown so much over the past few months, it’s uncanny. She sings Candle in the Wind so beautifully and really made it her own.

Louis, ‘Rebecca, sometimes on The X Factor we save the best for last, and we definitely did tonight. You sang Elton’s most iconic song, and you made it your own. I’ve got to know you pretty well backstage, you’re brilliant role model, and I want to have a music career.’

Dannii. ‘That was so hot, I loved it!’

Simon, ‘It doesn’t matter how old a song is, it suddenly becomes brilliant again when someone like you sings it.’

Cheryl, ‘Everybody’s got to know you, you’re a true inspiration to single parents and young mothers, I’m behind you the whole way.’


The results are upon us again, and usually I predict which act will be leaving. I’ve decided not to this week as it’s so unpredictable, but I will say I think Katie and Paije may pull in the lowest votes.

The X Factor presented a triple boy band extravaganza tonight beginning with my boys JLS who sung their new single Love You More, their second album is out next week. Westlife performed new track, Safe, and for the first time in 15 years Robbie Williams joined his fellow band mate members Howard, Gary, Mark, and Jason with Take That to perform their new song The Flood.

Another shocking departure this week, as Katie and Aiden are in the bottom two acts, and battle it out with their songs for survival. With two votes each from the judges, it went to deadlock, and the public actually voted Aiden as the weakest act this week. Aiden sadly leaves the competition unexpectedly, as Katie is safe again until next week votes.