Here’s a recap of X-Factor’s week number 7, where the boot campers battle against the others (and their tears) and find out whether they go through to the live shows this weekend.

Matt Cardle:

‘ In the past I’ve worked as a postman, I’ve worked as a milkman I did a short spell with the circus, I’ve been a Santa Claus. It’s hugely frustrating as I just want to be singing as a full time career. Doing well today could mean the end of rubbish jobs and no real direction. I gave up the painting cos I couldn’t stick it anymore to be honest, be it on a building site or a hotel room. This could really turn my life completely inside out and upside down which is what I want it to do.’

Matt sings If I Were A Boy by Beyonce, such a lovely tone, and control – he’s always been in my list for the live shows.

Dannii says, “I was hating myself for the first half of that cos I’m like did I give him the hardest, hardest, hardest, hardest, breaking song to sing? That was really, really tough.”

Aiden Grimshaw:

“My first audition was in Manchester for Nicole, Simon and Louis. From what I’ve been told, it went really well. When I meet people or in a big group I get quite shy, on stage its different cos there’s something to hide behind. It is quite worrying being in a competition like this, I feel like a small fish in a very big pond.”

He sings David Gray.

Dannii: “That song was really, really good for him and I wasn’t sure which way that would go but he seems really centred in it.”

Natalie: “He was composed.”

My top three are Paijie, John, and Matt, who are amazing singers and will definitely do the public proud, let’s see if they make it in Sunday’s results.

Decision time is soon upon Dannii and Natalie who have to take just 4 boys to the live shows, whilst in Ireland the Over 28s must impress Louis. ‘They are a very different, very colourful, very unusual category but I know that within that eight there are three great acts and I’m going to find them. So the newly formed Over 28s are now ready for their last chance to change their lives and make it into Louis’ final three.

Stephen Hunter:

“I never ever thought I’d get this far in the competition. At the end of the day I’m 41, I’m a big boy. I do actually feel like this is my last chance of hitting the big time because there is no other springboard to catapult myself, especially at my age, into the music world.”

He sings the Shirley Bassey version of Pink’s Get the Party Started.

Stephen said, “It went well, I’m really pleased, so hopefully this caterpillar will have the chance to turn into a butterfly.”

Sharon: “Adorable guy. He has all the enthusiasm in the world.”

Louis: “I’m worried about his vocals.”

Elesha Moses:

“I do not want to go home. I want to show them that I have got the X Factor. I’ve loved every minute of this and I’ve had such a wicked time.”

She sings Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You.

Louis: “Would people lift the phone to vote for her?”. Louis’ crazy, she’s like the best female vocalist in his category!

Yuli Miguel:

“I’ve rehearsed a lot, my songs I’ve rehearsed a lot and if you rehearse you’re going to be fine.”

She sings her own unique version of Dizzy Rascal’s Bonkers.

Louis: “Sharon, what did you think?”

Sharon: “Bonkers.”

Louis: “In a good way!”

Justin Vanderhyde:

“I believe in myself, I know I’ve got the talent, I know I’ve got the right sort of look and energy and charisma to do this. I obviously wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could do it.”

He sings Telephone by Lady Gaga.

Wagner Carrilho:

“Today is a very important day in my life, because if I get a yes, this yes could lead me to a career in show business. I really hope and pray that this is a new start in my life. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this competition. It has been a fantastic experience and unforgettable. In my death bed, in my last breath, I shall remember all these moments.”

He sings You’ve Got The Love.

Louis says to Sharon: “He fancies you!”

Sharon: “Oh stop it! He does have a certain…”

Louis: “J’nais se qua?!”

Sharon: “Exactly, there you go.”

Louis: “The thing about Wagner is that you do remember him, he does stand out from the crowd.”

Sharon: “Oh I don’t think I’ll forget him.”

Mary Byrne:

“I have a daughter, she’s 23, and I raised her on my own. I’ve always told her whatever you want to do in your life go and try it because you’ll regret it if you don’t. For years I didn’t do that. I’ve always wanted to be a singer but unfortunately it’s taken me until I was 45-50 to realise what I want. Some people start off later in life and I think now I’m more ready to take on a new world and a new challenge. I just hope that I’m given that chance to do that. I have the biggest ache in my heart for today. The ache that I have is a longing for something that I have wanted all of my life. I’ve never had the courage and now at 50 I have the courage. I just want it so much.”

She sings Coldplay’s Fix You.

John Adeleye:

“I love working where I work but ultimately I want a career in music. I’ve been waiting quite a while for this, this chance, this opportunity, and I’m not going to let it pass me by. I’ve got to give my all to this, I’ve got to sing my heart out and just be me.”

He sings So Freakin’ Bad, so freakin’ well!

Sharon: “He’s really, really likeable.”

Louis: “Yes. He didn’t stand out on the auditions; he was just a good singer.”

Sharon: “But you don’t know his range with that song as there wasn’t much vocal range, so I don’t know what you could do further down the road with him.”

Storm Lee:

“I left Scotland when I was really young, I went to America with nothing and started singing in clubs to pay the rent. I want to feel that I was right, that all of the teachers and all of the people that said ‘no, you’re not good looking enough’, ‘You’re too old’…it’s not so much they were wrong it’s that I was right.”

He sings I Can’t Live.

Louis: “This is his last chance. This means everything to him. This is his life. This is all he wants and it’s in our hands. You know what, I didn’t want this category at first but now I’m feeling a lot more confident. And I’ve got people that are going to work so hard.”

Sharon: “Well don’t call me till you’ve won!”

I absolutely love Storm Lee, without a doubt the best male in this category.

Following Louis acts, for which will be the easiest selection process of all, are the Groups in Marbella who perform for Simon. He states, “I don’t want to be working with people I don’t believe in. I want to walk into the finals with people who I believe can win the competition and sell records. I think there’s some potential. I think it’s either going to be great or a complete disaster.”

Simon and Sinitta call all the Groups together for some last minute much needed advice.

Simon: “What we’re looking for is not just somebody that can win the show but who could sell records in the real world.”


“When we were young we sung in our bedroom all the time. Now we’re in Spain with Simon and The X Factor. When we were kids we knew our purpose, our goal, our life was music. We’d like to prove to Simon that we can sing.”

They sing David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s When Love Takes Over.

Wow they shocked me! Their performance was amazing, they worked really hard composing the choreography and vocal arrangement.

Belle Amie:

Esther: “We’ve been told no once and we don’t want to be told no again so it just makes us more determined to prove ourselves.”

Rebecca: “We’re gonna show Simon that he was right to put us together.”

They sing George Michael’s Faith.

Simon: “What’s impressive is they really worked together as a group over the last few days.”

Sinitta: “If they’d done this in a week, can you imagine?”

Princes and Rogues:

“We are feeling so excited and positive about today’s performance, we’re going to give it our all and we just wanna show that we’re really original and we wanna show that we can entertain.”

They sing Video Killed the Radio Star.


“This today is our biggest audition yet that we’ve ever ever done in Husstle. It’s nerve wracking you never know what Simon is going to say. I want him to see that we’ve improved at every step along the way.”

They sing Tainted Love:

Simon: “It’s not a girl group, it’s one girl and four back-up singers.”

The Reason:

“To be here in Simon’s house in Spain, in this beautiful place, massive house and beautiful surroundings. It’s a glimpse of what you could have if you’re successful, and we don’t want that to be taken away now do we?”

They sing Daniel Bedingfield.

Simon: “I thought we were going to hear stronger voices than that. I was disappointed with that.”

1 Direction:

Harry: “Louis was in the sea earlier and he cut up his foot. It’s swollen up so they’ve sent him to the hospital.’

Zain: “We’re all panicking a little bit cos we’re not sure what’s going to happen or when he’s going to get here.”

Liam: “For us that’s really bad as we haven’t had that much time to practice as we’ve only just got together as a group. I hope he’s back as we really do need him.”

The lads sing ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia, and really do the song justice.

Simon: “They’re cool, they’re relevant.”

Sinitta: “So cool.”

Simon: “This is going to be a hard decision Sinitta’ – Harder than I thought.”


Matt: “The first time Simon saw us he wasn’t feeling where he was coming from and he did actually say no. We’ve been putting in 10 hour day rehearsals. It has to be done cos when we get in front of Simon there’s no room for error. It’s got to be flawless.”

They sing Beggin’.

Sinitta: “I think they’re the best singers.”

Simon: “They were very scared to make mistakes. They were very cautious. I’m still not sure whether they’re dancers or singers.”

Sinitta: “The harmonies were brilliant.”

Their performance was excellent, I could watch it over and over again.

Diva Fever:

Craig: “We love doing what we do. It may seem that we’re not serious but we are. We love to sing and we love to perform.”

They sing Girls Aloud Love Machine.

Up next the girls are in Ascot visiting Cheryl. “This is the most emotional and the most stressful point for everybody. Remember I know exactly how you’re feeling. Out of all the Judges that’s the advantage I have, cos I‘ve stood there. Just have fun with it, relax and enjoy it. Take your moment.”

Will.I.Am: “Give it all you got.”

Rebecca Ferguson:

“The comments that the judges said have started to sink in and I’m starting to believe in myself. People dream of this. I stood in that line with thousands of people for hours and they would dream to be where I am. I’m going to give it my absolute all to get to the live shows. I think I’ve got a lot more to give.”

Cheryl: “So me and you haven’t met yet. I’ve watched your tapes and I feel really happy to have you here and it’s lovely to meet you.”

She sings Owl City’s Fireflys .

Cheryl: “I love the tone of her voice.”

She has clearly grown bless her, the performance was very good.

Gamu Nhengu:

“I feel great when I’m singing I can be who I want on stage but without losing who I am. Just performing to people and having them respond, I think it’s amazing, the greatest feeling in the world. I’m ready for this.”

She sings Pixie Lott’s Cry Me Out.

Cheryl: “I really find I can relax when she sings.’

All I could say are two words about Gamu’s performance – Flawlessly excellent.

Annastasia Baker:

“I can’t believe I’ve got this far again. Today’s the day that I really need to nail it because I messed up two years ago. Now I’m stronger and better.”

She sings How Could an Angel Break My Heart, one of my favourite Toni Braxton songs.

Cheryl: “Wow, she’s so much better.”

Raquel Thomas:

“It’s very weird to be able to have the confidence to sing in front of other people but lack the confidence to be able to communicate and talk to others. I do have to prove to them that even though I’m that shy, that I have low self esteem, I’m still able to perform, no matter what, no matter what cos it’s what I want to do. I just hope they’re able to see that.”

She sings John Legend’s Ordinary People, wonderfully.

Wil.I.Am: “She’s shy then, she comes out. It’s great.”

Kerri Arrindell:

“Normally I’d perform at clubs as a Diana Ross impersonator. I love doing it but they wanted to sing it exactly the same. This is the biggest performance in terms of being able to change my life, I want people to come to see me and just to see me.”

She sings Green Day’s Wake Me up When September Ends.

Wil.I.Am: “She’s got it.”

Cheryl: “She’s so cute!”

Katie Waissel:

“I want to be a legacy. I’m not sure what type of idol I am as there isn’t anyone out there in the market like me right now. I don’t think there ever has been. I want to be a star in music, film, fashion, arts, medicine, everything. At the forefront of my mind is to go out there, focus and nail the song. I will be a star. I will do this. I will not take no for an answer.”

She sings Smile. After the first few verses she breaks down in tears. I wanted to give her a huge hug, the song reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Tracy Cohen:

“Each performance I do I want to be better the next time. I’ve got to be better the next time. The passion is going to come out in my performance today. I honestly believe I can do it this year. I know I have what it takes to get through to the live finals. This has got to be my year.”

Tracy sings Ave Maria.

Cheryl: “She’s got an amazing voice when she’s projecting it.”

Wil.I.Am: “Her range is out of this world.”

Cher Lloyd:

“I’ve watched the X Factor since I was 9 years old, and all I remember was sitting on the floor and my parents on the sofa and I’m saying ‘mum that could be me up there.”

Cheryl: “How are you?”

Cher: “I’m ok, my throat’s sore but I’m going to try and work it, bring it.”

She sings but Cheryl stops her half way through, Cher composes herself and gives the song another shot.

She struggles with the notes in her song which is such a shame, there’s certainly a gap in the music market for her individuality, and I for one am praying she gets through at this point.

“So these are the eight, and now I have to get them down to three for the Lives. Who out of them do you instinctively say she’s got to go through?” asks Cheryl.

Wil.I.Am: “It’s hard.”

Cheryl: “It’s horrendous.”

Cheryl: “Me head’s spinning, I feel like I need to wake up in the morning and look at them again. I almost feel like I need to look them in the eyes before I know who’s yes and who’s no.”


Decisions have been made, tears have been shed, and hearts broken – so here we have it – the Final 12.

I guarantee viewers were either shouting at the TV, or debating with friends in disbelief, crying, or shouting with joy and happiness as the results were revealed, it was so gripping tonight.


My Prediction: Matt, John, Paije

Result: Aiden, Nicolo, Matt

I was gutted John and Paije didn’t get through, Dannii what were you thinking? Two of the best singers in your category! Nevertheless she has a hot top 3 who I’m sure will do her proud.


My Prediction: Gamu, Rebecca, Cher

Result: Rebecca, Katie, Cher

I’m thrilled that Cher got through, I love the fact that her style is so unique, and I absolutely love her stage presence, but what the hell Cheryl! How can Gamu not get through? Cheryl what?! The ‘Big Twist’ better have something to do with a phone call to Gamu’s house to apologise for a big mistake being made!


My Prediction: Belle Amie, FYD, 1 Direction

Result: FYD, Belle Amie, 1 Direction

All 3 of my prediction were correct. Simon’s choices couldn’t have been better, The Groups are super hot this year.

Over 28’s:

My Prediction: Storm, John, Elesha

Result: John, Storm, Mary

2 out of 3 correct with the Over 28’s, and I’m so glad Storm got through he’s been my favourite in Louis cateogry from day one.

So next week the Live Shows begin, where the decision falls with the general public vote instead of the judges. 12 will become gradually become the final 2 and then the winner will be announced as the race is on to win a life changing recording contract, £100,000 and a hit single just in time for the Christmas number one. Can’t wait to find out what this ‘Big Twist’ is hopefully Gamu will be called back. OMG please!

Words by Kemi Giwa