Xenia Bragagnini was the 2nd runner up in the Miss Flavour beauty pageant. It’s easy to see why. Whether strutting her stuff on the catwalk or talking about being a full-figured girl in a size zero world she’s sexy, refreshingly frank and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

So what prompted Xenia to enter the competition?
‘I wanted to gain more awareness for plus size models!’ Mission accomplished because every time she stepped on stage the crowd went wild as she wowed them with her confidence ‘When I entered I felt a little nervous having to stand next to slimmer girls. But I soon lost any reservations and I reckon the audience responded well because it’s a thrill to see some curves come down the catwalk!’ It wasn’t just the crowd who fell for Xenia’s charms. Like the unofficial Miss Congeniality she built up strong friendships with many of the other contestants ‘I’ve stayed in touch with lots of the girls, and I love Melissa she’s so sweet and really deserved to win!’

Miss Flavour wasn’t Xenia’s first foray into the spotlight. This seasoned pro first hit our screens at the tender age of 6 months starring in a German car advert. She went on to study at stage school and has worked ever since appearing on Top of The Pops, in the Harry Potter movies, winning international dance competitions and starring in numerous music videos ‘I wouldn’t mind shooting a promo with Drake,’ she giggles ‘I have a secret crush on him he’s hot!’

This is a woman who always gets what she wants- look out Drake, Camden girl Xenia’s on a mission!

Why did you enter the Miss Flavour competition?
To gain more awareness for plus size models.

You were the only plus size model in the competition where you not nervous entering considering this?
I was only nervous about the swimwear round I’m very comfortable with my body but standing next to 19 other girls who are much smaller than you can be daunting but I quickly got used to it and loved every moment.

How were the other contestants?
Everyone was really lovely, and supportive of each other I’ve made a lot of friends from miss flavour.

What was the best part of the night?
I think the best part of the night was the q and a because you got to know about the contestant’s views and opinions on important topics and it also proves that models have a brain and we’re not just pretty faces.

How were you received on the night?
I think I was received rather well I got a lot of applause and some great comments after the event. I just think it can be boring seeing the same type of girl walk down a catwalk and it’s a nice break for the audience to see something different just come out of nowhere in the middle of a show.

Who do you think should have won?
I think the right girl won Melissa has a lot of great qualities and she’s a really nice girl.

What qualities do you have that make you a good model?
To be able to act I believe it is important as every picture should tell a story or express a feeling.

The event was about gaining the entrants attention in the UK entertainment scene have you had any work since taking part in the competition? If yes what?
I was cast to be a model for Erin Lacey an up and coming designer currently graduating from London college of fashion she is the 1st ever student there to bring out a plus size range for her final collection, and its great exposure as top buyers, designers and fashion groups e.g arcadia come to the catwalk show also if the collection does well it will be brought to London fashion week so fingers crossed.

Tell me about your experience at stage school?
I loved stage school it was hard but worthwhile. I got a lot of advice and guidance that I’m very thankful for ,and I’ve had the pleasure of learning from some wonderful teachers that I will never forget , I would say however that for a good academic education don’t go to stage school, but to learn about the arts, have fun and come out with great school memories do.

What’s your favourite movie and play and why?
My favourite movie is pulp fiction it was so ahead of its time and revolutionary and will always be a classic, my favourite play Macbeth it’s such an old, but well written play and can be set in any time in history and still refer to social and political issues and can be played in any dress and still make sense.

Who do you admire as a performer?
Shirley Bassy , because she can hold an audience of thousands without doing a thing when she walks on a stage everyone waits with baited breath just to see if she says or does anything spectacular.

What plays, adverts etc have you been in?
My 1st job was a German car advert when I was 6 months old, since then I‘ve done Top of The Pops, Fish(an ITV Drama), life bits(Disney channel), harry potter, A channel five news documentary on dancers, the bill, promotional videos for the diploma qualification, numerous music videos, hairspray, dance shows, exhibitions and festivals.

You’ve represented England in a dance competition. Please do tell?
I represent England every year in the IDF(international dance federation )world championship where 32 countries from around the world compete for 1st prize in over 20 different dance styles . Last year was a great year for England I received a 1st place with my dance partner in our meringue salsa dance, 1st place tap troupe, 1st place salsa ladies troupe, 2nd place tap solo and 4th place hip hop duo with another dance partner it is a great experience for us and it’s a brilliant way to see the world as it takes place in a different country every year this year the competition is in Hungary.

What plans do you have for 2010?
To go on a beautiful holiday to Dubai and to find a really nice boyfriend and to make loads of money.

What’s your life ambition?
To be a household name, for people to look up to me and be inspired to make a difference.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself
last year I played the leading role in hairspray at the Corbett theatre in West Essex.

My favourite part of my body is:

a) My bum

B) My legs

C) My boobs

D) My abs

E) Other

Answer: My boobs

The greatest compliment I have ever been paid is: you’re absolutely gorgeous, to which I replied I know my mum tells me all the time

I feel sexiest in:

A) Jeans and a cute top

B) mini-skirt

C) Nothing

D) Lingerie

E) Sexy dress

Answer: sexy dress

I’d rather live without: Government interference in the way I live my life

You’d be shocked to find out I’d never: Read The Sun newspaper

I have a slight crush on: Drake, I think he is quite hot !

If I had to choose between love and my career: I don’t know you can lose both in a flash and it can take years to find/gain both. I would like to think my career is more important than a man, but I have no idea what I would fight for the most in the heat of the moment.

I don’t feel sexy unless I have:

A) my hair done

B) a bikini wax

C) A manicure or pedicure

D) Make-up

E) Other

Answer: make -up

Money can’t buy you happiness: But it can buy you diamonds and Prada!

The most creative thing that I can do is: make up a good dance routine

Words by Annika Allen and Mary Bello


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