Yohei Ishijima

Following the removal of a Japanese law against dance music, Yohei Ishijima is back with his most recent release ‘Will’ which demonstrates his passion for growing the Japanese dance scene.

Releasing music since 2018, Yohei Ishijima draws influence from Dubfire in his eight-minute-long track which builds and grows through varying dynamics and beats. Written with the aim of bringing the far east side of the earth into the global dance scene, ‘Will’ is a testament to the drive and passion of Yohei Ishijima and his team at Algorithm Music, a record label based in Tokyo.

Growing up learning a variety of musical instruments, Tokyo based Yohei Ishijima was trained in classical composition which led him to discover a love of minimalistic and modern music styles. An active live DJ, Yohei Ishijima’s shows are filled with spectacle, bringing art and sound installations to life.