young-jocI felt pretty confused after reading that Yung Joc’s set to release his third album for free’ message in my inbox. Was this message spam? I was soon to find out that this was true. The Grammy Award nominated rapper’s latest album ‘Grind Flu’ is completely free. There really isn’t a better way for Yung Joc to thank his fans for all their support. And that’s exactly what his third album ‘Grind Flu’ is, a gift from Joc to you. Besides focusing on his own career as a music artist, Joc is also CEO of his record label Swag Team Entertainment. I caught-up with the very man who, back 2006, had everyone doing the ‘It’s going down’ dance, talk music, growing-up and a possible (yet unconfirmed) UK visit.

Yung Joc,. what‘s going on?
I’m good. I’m totally blessed.

What’s up what’s up?
I’m good thank you.

Right. Let’s talk about the album, ‘Grind Flu’… Firstly, is it really Free?
Yep, it’s really free.

How does the ‘Grind Flu’ compare with the previous album?
I would say that it’s my best work to date.

I really like your track with Chris Brown & Pleasure ‘Choose me’. What’s your favourite?
Urmm…Probably Over (feat. Cupid, Polo, Game & Carlito)

When it comes to your music, where do you prefer to be, on stage or in the studio? When are you at your happiest?
Man, all of it. It’s like, that’s a part of what I do. When I’m in the studio, when I’m on stage, in-front of a camera. I’m happy. I’m at my happiest moments when I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour too.

A lot of artists are experimenting with a more electronic sound. Is that an area you yourself would consider to get involved in?
Well actually I have records like that that I’ve done, they just haven’t been released yet.

Are you going to release them?
The timing is really important. I haven’t felt like the time was right yet. But in saying that it’s becoming more and more popular, even in the urban market as far as music goes and that’s why I’ve been experimenting more with it. And hopefully, I can come-up with something pretty hot with it.

What was your perception of the commercial music world before you really blew-up? Looking back, was it everything you thought it would be?
It is. Because I had a lot of friends who are in the music industry and they were actually able to tell me some of the things that I should be aware of and watch for.

Did you have to make any drastic changes as an artist to be where you are today?
Not really. I can’t really say nay or yay. I just carried to continue doing what I love to do. The only adjustments is that I take what I do a lot more seriously. Because it’s my lively hood now, it’s not just a hobby.

Growing-up your parents supported you a lot as an aspiring artist. Were there others around you who weren’t so supportive?
Yeah, there were people around who weren’t as supportive as my parents. But there people around who were, if not, more supportive.

You seem to really love Twittering. You’re constantly up-dating. You must be addicted?
[laughs] I’m not addicted, but I do enjoy Twittering.

So, when are you coming to the UK?
Actually, we were just talking about it. Different promoters were reaching out to me. And we’re trying to see who offers the best situation. Because sometimes it’s all about not all about the money. The exposure is sometimes much greater than the capital.

‘Grind Flu’ is now out and available for download via the website

Words by Eshe Challenger