cherri-v-flavour-magazineAs singer/songwriter Cherri V poses for the camera in a stunning ruffled white dress embodying the spirit of Snow White – the character from the popular children’s fairytale – like the fictitious cartoon character, you are enchanted by her beauty and her feisty, but sweet nature make you instantly fall for her charms.

While on the shoot, Cherri V explained how she’s very much a homebody when she’s not on stage wowing crowds as part of her Skool Daze tour. As well as declaring that her grandmother wouldn’t let her leave the nest without learning how to cook or being domesticated. All this is said in a Jamaican accent.

You may recognise the singer from her time in Trinity Stone, the RnB group she was a member of along with current Sugababe Jade Ewen in 2005. During her short-lived time in the group they shared the stage with the likes of McFly and Girls Aloud. So (you see) like Snow White, Cherri V is a good girl that escaped a bad situation when the group failed, but instead of marrying a prince, Cherri V’s happy ever after came when she kickstarted her solo career.

Cherri’s team have given her free reign to write and sing her own songs and create her own destiny. So this isn’t the end of her story, this is just the start of a new chapter. With many similar female artists like Rihanna, Leona Lewis and now Alexandra Burke topping the charts, Cherri V’s not going to let that stop or faze her. Her sound is described as a cocktail of RnB, pop and rock and there aren’t many artists who can claim to be as diverse. We have fun discussing Chris Rock’s Good Hair, Alexandra Burke’s video and seeing whether she can remember all of the seven Dwarfs? Cherri V is  nquestionably someone to watch out for in 2010. She’s going to be dazzling crowds, developing as an artist and avoiding poisoned apples.

Where did your unusual stage name come from?

Cherri is a nickname from my first name ‘Cherise’. It kind of happened by accident. I was working away from home with some producers from Denmark and they kept on getting my name wrong. They kept on saying Cherry, and I was like: ‘Why do you keep getting my name wrong it’s Cherise!’ The V stands for my middle name which is ‘Voncelle’.

What part of London did you grow up in?
South London! I’m still there now, even though I’ve finally flown the nest and moved away from home I still can’t get away from the area.

Do you think you’ll ever move away?
Not for now. I like being close to my family and strong childhood memories, but maybe in the future

Speaking of family, your aunt is soul singer Mica Paris. Do you remember much about being on set for your aunt’s video for My One Temptation?
I do, I remember the thousands of times I had to run down the stairs to spin the plastic record. I remember it was an early start – it’s a fun memory. Now and then I watch the video back and I’m like: it’s just so crazy!”

You were a part of Trinity Stone before. How different is it from being an integral part of a girl group to being a solo artist?
It can be lonely as you don’t have a girl standing on either side of you to go on the journey or to gigs. I’m really glad I went through it – even though it ended as it’s prepared me for my solo career as Cherri V.

When it ended, how did you feel?
I think that because there was so much hype behind the project and then suddenly it was all over it was definitely a tough time as it was a dream for me to be an artist.

Right now there are quite a few female artists out there, what will make you stand out from the rest?
I believe I’m just bringing about a different blend of genres of music, but with a very strong RnB vocal. Vocally, I have my own sound and I’m not trying to be anybody else.

Why are your songs a cocktail of pop, RnB and rock?
A lot of my songs are rock influenced. My vocals are very much RnB and a lot of the songs on the album have pop melodies. It’s a subtle blend.

Cherri-v-cover-lowYour album is called Fast Cars, Silk Sheets and Favourite Guys. How did you find that name?
The name has something to do with three songs on the album. ‘Silk sheets’ is from the song Inbetween the Sheets. It’s about finding your partner and sharing your sheets with somebody else. Fast Cars is a song about someone who had a nice red Ferrari that was trying hard to get the attention of Cherri V. Favourite Guy is another song off the album. It’s about that special person – your brother or your dad, a friend or your partner – who is your favourite guy.

What can we expect from your debut album?
The truth! A blend of RnB and rock pop. Something that’s fresh and UK.

How will you keep challenging yourself artistically?
I think the best way for me to do that is for me to keep writing and staying in the loop of what’s good and what’s hot while the industry keeps moving ever forwards. Also, as much I’m interested in writing all of my own songs, I’m also interested in writing songs for other people.

Are you happiest when you are singing or composing? Or both? What is your wonderland?

A lot of the time it’s in the studio or in the booth. It’s funny as sometimes I can be in there and it can feel like nothing else matters because you’re doing what you love to do. It’s very therapeutic and a big release. I don’t need a shrink or anything!

Choosing from Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Florida or Narnia where would you prefer to live?
I would go to Disneyland Florida and hang with the Dolphins at SeaWorld.

In fairytales there’s always a good girl and a nasty villain. Who would you be and why?
Can I be the middle girl because I’m not perfect? I think everyone has a little bit of both in them, it just takes different things to bring it out. But I’m going to lean more to the good side.

If you could be any fairytale character you’ve ever heard of who would you be and why? It’ll be a ‘good’ one we hope…
Oh that’s hard… I’d be Ariel because she can sing and she combs her hair with a fork (everyone laughs).

How and why do dreams come true?
I just think being persistent and having a lot of drive really helps. If you want something badly enough you’re going to work and fight for it.

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Words by Denise Kodia, Photography by Azza, Hair – Martell Oneil, Make Up – Jenny Kirby, Stylist – Reeme Idris, The Collective