Definition of Cipher: “In hip-hop parlance, the term refers to something like a jam session in which everyone contributes to the creative experience.” Rap Dictionary.

4Front TV, Manorlogz and media partner AtStreetLevel bring you the 2011 Cipher.

They said: “We had decided a while ago that the UK scene was distinctly lacking in the experience and joy of the cipher. With that seed planted we went to work to create that experience and the culmination was a high octane event on the 21 06 11 at Stonehill Valley Warehouse. Legendary hip-hop DJ, Big Ted was spinning crazy cuts and ten UK emcees barring to the highest degree over two hours, it was a visual and aural extravaganza that tore into celluloid.”

Here is Episode 1: Durrty Goodz, Dubble Edge and Blak Twang.

Here is Episode 2: Stig of The Dump, Dread and M9.

With exposure in South Africa, USA and Russia it is about letting others know that not only is UK Hip-Hop surviving it’s actually growing! Look out for episodes 3 and 4.

By the way if you thought this was a one off you would be mistaken. Cypher Season 2 is already in motion and indeed we have some big names confirmed (stay locked) but we also want to see budding lyrical talent, with a stupendous opportunity on the cards.

Please get in contact with the emails below we are scouting right now: “the event will now be televised.” Contact: