Fedz, is a British film with a host of familiar faces including that of Dexter Fletcher, best known for his role in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and even Joseph Marcell, who, for anyone a fan of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, will recognise him as Geoffrey the butler. Set in London, the story follows a renegade cop, who, after having his doubts about the force and suspected corruption, resigns and spends his time trying to right the wrongs by investigating a terrorist group who have released a virus on the city.

Fedz, is a fairly unknown, low budget film which has completely bypassed any cinema or DVD release and is only available to stream online. Whilst we should support the British film industry can this straight to streaming release prove to deliver a high octane hit or is there a reason it’s only available online?

Starring: Dexter Fletcher, Katia Winter, Joseph Marcell, Ashley Walters, Femi Oyeniran, Maya Sondhi, Isabella Calthorpe, Shanika Warren-Markland, Wil Johnson, Virge Gilchrist, Jodie Perry, Hannah Sarah Miles, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Justine Powell, Tiny Iron, Maria Kouka, Adrian Bouchet and many more

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