I am Jade Avia; The afro haired, loud and bubbly, smiley, tries to be funny sometimes (fails) , music loving, gym addicted, DJ/radio presenter.

I don’t often take myself too seriously, but when Leonard Foster asked me if I would be guest editor for Flavourmag, I thought it was a great chance to show you another side of me, and hopefully expose my way of thinking to some new peeps. Although I love to have a laugh, I’m rarely offended, and just generally like to see the good in people, there are also certain topics of discussion that I can’t help but have an opinion on. I am a young, opinionated, mixed race, female from the countryside, Gloucester, living in the fast paced, cut throat city of London. Do not be surprised that I have some controversial topics that I would like to discuss. When reading Flavourmag this month, you will laugh, agree, disagree, relate to, learn and be entertained with subjects covering a range of topics; social media, grime, afro hair, racial equality in music and ASS! (Can I say that? Sorry Leonard)

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Apparently I need to write abit about my journey too, so here goes: Predominantly I am a radio presenter on CapitalXtra, but outside of that I am a person who craves equality and an entrepreneur.

I love getting involved in new ventures, most recently I have teamed up with an old friend to put on regular secret parties called Blueprint. Aside from this I have done a lot in my short career, from producing and presenting online debates, chart shows, my own online show “Lipgloss and Candy Floss”, weekly news shows, I’ve worked as a production co-ordinater, a bag designer for Highspirit Bags. This is all while I have enjoyed interviewing and making friends with some of the worlds biggest stars, during my 2 and a half years as a breakfast presenter on Capitalxtra. University seems like a lifetime ago but the fact that it was just 4 years ago, may give you a little insight into my work ethic and my motivation to be successful and make my family proud.

Jade Avia with MTV Brand New 2015 shortlisted artists Krept & Konan
Jade Avia with MTV Brand New 2015 shortlisted artists Krept & Konan

So it seems Leonard is very brave to give me full reins on the website for whole month of February! I am so excited to get writing. Ok look, I understand it’s the month of Love and Valentines and all of that, but quite frankly, I’m single and have been for 4 years, so a Valentines special is out of the window. Although I did call upon my old friend who loves love (unlike me) to write a little valentines article for all of you single love lovers out there.

Otherwise this is just a chance for you to read different opinions on different subjects that are important to me for a variety of reasons.

So I hope you enjoy, and feel free to hurl abuse or show me love on twitter @JadeAvia

Jade Avia xx

jade avia
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