Fast and Furious 7 star Nathalie Emmanuel tell us how to date her in her feature with GQ Magazine. The British actress who also stars in HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones also heated up the pages in GQ in her recent photo shoot.

We have already featured the stunner in our Who’s that girl? Ramsey from Fast & Furious 7. Its Nathalie Emmanuel feature on and we are dying to get her in for an interview.

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Playing Missandei on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, and Ramsey in ‘Fast and Furious 7‘ actress Nathalie Emmanuel heats up the pages of GQ’s April 2015 issue in a sultry feature. The English beauty poses for David Burton in lingerie and knitwear looks for the photo shoot. When asked what type of weapon her character would wield, she says, “I feel like if she was to have any weapon…it would be a bow and arrow. She’s so mathematical and particular and still.”

So its time to get your notepads on the ready as we reveal ‘How to date Nathalie Emmanuel’ and guess what? being a British actress you may be one of the lucky people that actually spot her walking down the road. We did.


If you could date someone in the 7 kingdoms and before who would you choose?
I would probably date Rob Stark because fundamentally he is a good guy, he tried to avenge his father and he married the women he loved, despite what his family tells him, he does what he believes in and I like people that do that.

What would be your ideal date?
I haven’t really thought about it that much, but I like actually like talking to somebody new, so I would like to go to dinner or just meeting for lunch or something.

What advice would Khaleesi give you on a date?
I think the one peice of advice Khaleesi would give would be, don’t date a guy that is intimidated by your power, because she is a very powerful woman. I would definately take that advice, because their are a lot of guys that are intimidated by a woman’s power and you need someone who is going to encourage you to exercise that and to blossom and grow.


Images: GQ/David Burton and words transcribed from GQ video How to date Nathalie Emmanuel which you can watch the video here

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