How to save money on printing

There are plenty of good reasons to get your own printer, from saving you when you need to print a boarding pass or important document, to getting creative by printing photos for your handmade Christmas cards.

But when doing your own printing, it’s important to consider all the costs involved – from special photo paper to toner and ink cartridges. This is especially true when you’re intending to print in colour frequently. Here are five ways to save money when printing at home.

Buy an economical printer

There are plenty of good offers for printers in shops and online, but cheaper isn’t always the most economical option long-term. In fact, many printer manufacturers sell home printers at a reduced cost only to hike up the prices of the ink cartridges. Generally, colour printers are more expensive than black and white machines. Unless you need to print in colour, it’ll be more cost-efficient to get a printer that uses only black ink. If you’re using a very old printer, it may be time to upgrade because newer models tend to be designed to use less ink. You can check out printer capacities and compare them or consult an expert. Look out for information about how many pages you can print using a single ink cartridge.

Save money when buying ink and toner

Much like paper, printer ink cartridges and toner are an ongoing cost. Eventually, you’ll need to replace an empty ink cartridge or toner. There are a couple of ways to save money.

  • Buy in bulk: Prices of cartridges and toner are significantly cheaper when you’re buying more than just one. You can give Tonerpartner UK a go to find the right match for all types of printers.
  • Shop compatible cartridges: Ink cartridges manufactured by the original producer of your printer aren’t the only compatible option. There are plenty of third-party cartridge makers that tend to be a little cheaper.
  • Try recycled cartridges: Recycled cartridges are not only more cost-effective, but also an environmentally-friendly option to keep on printing.
  • Get a refill: You could also purchase refill kits instead of new toners to save costs.
  • Need some additional hacks to save money on printing and ink? Try adjusting the print mode to use less ink, for example.

Cheap printing paper isn’t always better

It may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest printing paper, but this can backfire and produce undesirable results. When it comes to paper, it’s recommended to purchase dedicated printer paper. To save money, you can print on both sides and reduce the font size. Also play around with your printer settings to find an option that’s more economical.

Print photos professionally

Unless you need to print out images and photos frequently, it’s better to get your memories onto paper using a professional service. This guarantees that the results are more desirable. If you prefer to print your own, make sure you buy specialist photo printing paper and match it with the right ink.