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What will you be searching for this Valentines? Need inspiration? Well, you might want to take a look at the UK’s Most Searched for Sex Toys 2017.

Carvaka Sex Toys thought it would be fun to display in graphical format what the UK is searching for when it comes to their adult toys of choice for spicing things up.

Sex toys are enjoyed all over the UK by couples and individuals alike and so it’s interesting to see what seems to be popular in specific regions.

Carvaka have pulled together data from our website analytics to come up with this infographic which shows how those in the South West have a desire for a larger penis (highest search volume on our “penis sleeve” product) in comparison to those for example, in the Scottish Highlands who are more in the market for a thrusting vibrator.

UKs Most Searched for Sex Toys 2017 – Infographic
UK’s Most Searched for Sex Toys 2017 – Infographic

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Main image by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash