Check out some the of latest work from Frosted Ice artists: 2Amplified, D Money, Fredi Kruga, N.Y.D, Kedesha and Naye.

Frosted Ice Inc, supported by The Princes Trust, provide funding for those who want to start there own business. They target young people and aim to provide a sense of community through music, which can help to combat the social void that many teenagers/young adults can experience in the world today.

It’s an inspiration for people to work together to achieve a common goal; producing music for dance, stage, film and recording artists. Regular participation in their courses and workshops will not only provide the fundamental skills and knowlegde of music production, engineering and composition, but also and importantly improve the self esteem and value of self worth which is sadly lacking in some of today’s youth.

Personal relationships and experience with families that have been victims of youth related crime has been the catalyst for the Frosted Ice Inc project setup. Their ongoing cause is to steer young people in the right direction and not locked behind bars.

Frosted Ice plan to expand to various locations across the UK so that the entire youth community can come together and solve one common interest: music!

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